Work travel fantasy  

lisajdarling79 39F  
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10/8/2021 7:24 pm
Work travel fantasy

Work travel, two weeks I been the road and I haven’t had any . This is doubly unfair I am in Europe. I am Brussels and I decide I am going pick someone . So I head an area with bars. I skip through a couple not seeing any thing I like. Then I a place and stick around because I like the beer, plus I am kinda drunk and don’t want walk anymore. It must be late and I realize it’s now or never. So I this guy Romelu, I no idea what we are talking about, he says something about being from the Congo. A song comes on and we start dancing. I am kinda horny so I grind his crotch with my butt. Then practically<b> hump </font></b>his leg, the mini skirt I am wearing has inched the way from the dancing. Suddenly I realize I am not grinding the first guy anymore but a second guy. I my back him and my butt is over his crotch. He is grabbing my ass cheeks. I bend over really grind in and I can feel him getting hard. I straighten and he reaches around and starts massaging my pussy. feels really good, then the first guy is in front of and unbuttons my shirt. He undoes my bra and starts kissing/sucking on my tits. Then is a third guy starts kissing . I don’t know why, the beer, but I am wet. Now are four guys and they their dicks out. I squat down and jerk two with each one of my hands and blow the third. I switch between jerking one set of guys, and blowing another. I realize are 6 dicks around . One of the guys picks and bends over a table, rip a hole into my pantyhose, rips underwear and start fucking . I feel used, but feels really good. Then he comes out and presents himself in front of my face. I start sucking, another of the guys starts fucking. That guy leaves and another comes over. I feel like a complete , but doesn’t feel bad. feels different and I enjoy . Then one guy comes out another comes over, he picks me and lays my back the table. Picks my legs so that they are over his shoulders and starts fucking , then two guy come over suck my tits, another turns my head side way and fucks my mouth causing gage. I an outer body experience. ’s like I am looking down my self and I like what I see in a perverse way. I am not expecting but I an orgasm. A good one. Then a later a second one, and a third. One guy after the other takes a turn fucking . The guy in my my mouth cums, and a minute later the guy in my vagina cums, followed by two guys in quick succession insert their dicks in my vagina cum. Then or four guys cum my tits. I lie absorbing the moment, I never done this and will never do again anything like this again. But I had try and was worth the experience Ljabaily.

DiscreteSlowRide 51M
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10/12/2021 6:50 am

Doesn't it feel like you have been unleashed when you are traveling for work?

So much mayhem can cum from a few days of being far out of sight from anyone that knows you.

flasher4u3 64M  
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10/12/2021 4:53 pm

Great story!! You sound like a great girl!

Leegs2012 49M  
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10/13/2021 9:15 am

Business trips are fun most of the times!! Very nice experience you had!!!

Art4urPleasure 55M  
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10/14/2021 6:02 am

I need to travel to Brussels and try some of that beer! Very erotic writing. Enjoyable. To be honest, it made my cock hard reading this. Thank you.

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