house party may29th  

lonelycouple03 65M/63F  
79 posts
5/13/2021 6:59 am
house party may29th

looking have a house party on the 29th of may
open all nonpushy sexy people cpls/
female bi/strhght black /white
get in touch if interested

bi1946 75M  
204 posts
5/14/2021 6:52 am

wish i could be there

Mistyseadee 62T
1 post
5/17/2021 10:52 am

Hello, I am interested in joining. I will see if I can arrange my time to be there.

lonelycouple03 replies on 5/18/2021 11:13 am:
ok sounds good let us know

2newbysrcurios 47M/F
61 posts
5/20/2021 12:39 pm

Not sure if I can make this one due to work... But I'll try.

lonelycouple03 replies on 5/21/2021 8:37 am:
ok let us know

jdubd_56 66M  
6 posts
5/23/2021 10:05 am

Looks like I'll be able to make it this time.

lonelycouple03 replies on 5/24/2021 5:11 am:
sounds good

2newbysrcurios 47M/F
61 posts
5/27/2021 9:30 am

As long as I can get some sleep after work in the morning I should be able to make it... hmm... just wondering.. what does the attendance look like so far?

lonelycouple03 replies on 5/27/2021 5:08 pm:
sounds good right now 3cples and 1-2 males

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