Couple #1  

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11/18/2021 12:49 pm
Couple #1

Our next couple, Tina and Jerome, came us from Sac. We met them at one of the nearby towns in a hotel. took us quite some time to up, over a month, but was well worth the wait. We arranged some time off, drove the town, yada, yada - fun part.

After coordinating drinks and food, we returned to hotel after this college town shut down before 9pm. We played a Cards against type sexy game, which resulted in everyone being nearly naked before too long. The taco bell bullshit that we ate went right through me and I had to shit almost immediately. Not wanting a dirty asshole for anyone to experience, I decided to hop in the shower to rinse off. Next thing I know I'm laying sideways with my ribs on the side of the tub. Not an ideal way to start the weekend.

I hobbled into bed and was able to sleep immediately after ruining everyone's good evening. We got up the next day and it was no fun times. To their credit, they stuck around and took care of Helen. It was still ok. They reassured that I didn't waste their weekend, which I appreciated. We do owe them sometime.

So, we started on the bed by having Helen and Tina make out. Tina kissed Helen, slowly making her way to the erogenous zones, stopping every time to ask permission. It was pretty hot. Jerome was behind Tina, slapping her ass with different whips and shit. He seemed like he was having a good time. Tina eventually made her way down to Helen's sweet pussy, where she lapped at her and made Helen feel awesome. This was the first time Helen was eaten out by a woman. She enjoyed giving and receiving from a woman, which was a fear of hers.

I then directed Helen to flip around and blow Jerome while Tina and I played with Helen's pussy. She<b> sucked </font></b>his cock for a good while before I had her flip her ass around for Jerome to play with while she ate out Tina. She discovered that this threshold was about where her limit is as far as partner participation. I was holding Tina and making out with her while playing with her tits, but Helen was unhappy that I was not able to fully participate. So, she enjoyed the pussy, but had a tough time loving fucking the pussy without me.

I flipped Helen around to get fucked by Jerome, but he was super into eating Helen out. He could not get enough of that sweet pussy juice. Tina seemed scared to break me further, so she went and hid under a blanket in the other bed. After we ended round one, I had to in favor of trying recover in time for our upcoming week-long trip for Helen's b-day. We went home and I was able rest. Probably fractured ribs ('s a pop-ish or kinda crunch as well as things on the inside is moving around), but knows. After several days, I'm finally starting feel better and operate without major pain.

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