Couple Zero  

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11/18/2021 12:19 pm
Couple Zero

*Disclaimer - I'm doing some of these from memory, way down the line. Some details might get fuzzy or left out unintentionally. Names also been changed.

Okay, our first couple. After several failed attempts up with others, all coming from OKC, we found our way FriendFinder-x after those assholes banned me for a violation of terms for -knows-what. Long story short, we get invited to visit Peter and Beth in Elk Grove for an overnighter.

We drove several hours to the middle of the state, eventually met and yada, yada - fun part. They live in a special place so we all were already naked. Get invited to the bedroom and Peter goes in with Helen and I go in to the other side with Beth. After making out some I lay Beth down on the bed and eat her out. Helen was on the other side, also getting eaten out (my wife's pussy seems to be exceptional because every guy just wants to eat her out nonstop - this slut does want some cock, too!).

After a few minutes, Beth explodes in the hottest fucking orgasm that I've ever seen anyone ever . She came so hard that she couldn't even be touched; I had to stop completely and watch as she recovered. Then, Helen flipped over and begun blowing Peter while I laid on my back and got one of the best blow jobs I've ever had. She seamlessly glided her mouth all over my cock and made feel better than some of the best pussy I've ever fucked.

I didn't want either guy cum before Helen got eat her first pussy, so I stopped Beth and had her lay on her back. Peter was sitting next to Beth,<b> kissing </font></b>her and talking to her while holding one leg up. I got on one side next to the bed, was able to rest her other leg up on my shoulder while Helen slid in between her legs and experienced sweet pussy for the first time. I was able to stand and watch her and cheerlead her on, in which she also gave Beth a 'don't-touch-me' orgasm as well. was as and a memory I'll forever, which is why we do this.

We ended up wearing them out and the day came a close before the guys got cum. So, we ended on part two. Part two starts two days before Thanksgiving when we go back see this sexy couple again.

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