Day 56  

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11/15/2021 6:58 pm
Day 56

End of week 8 today. Went over the weekend to play with a couple that came to visit us up north. Ended up falling in the shower and fucking myself up. Ribs have some sort of injury. If I had to play doctor (I was staying at a Holiday Inn Express), I would self-diagnose bruised ribs and some internal bruising. It hurts, but isn't too painful and a walk in the<b> park </font></b>compared to my hand injury. So, the universe apparently doesn't want me to fucking succeed /rolleyes

Regardless, down to 343lbs now (lost a total of 34lbs). The new workouts are a beast and absolutely kicking my ass. I start with 800 reps of ab somethings, do four different targeted exercises for a total of 200-275 reps, "walk"; around the block which has turned into 70% running, and finish with 325 reps of more abs.

New goal is to drop 335lbs. I feel that I could probably start a more intensified running program and really start dropping the lbs. Regardless, I've been eating normal food along with the Nutrisystem shit and doing well. Just need to recover from my third injury since beginning this journey all of 56 days ago, none of which are related to my weight or anything I personally did to myself - amazing.

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