My time on here  

lookiss79 42M
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8/16/2021 8:45 am
My time on here

The only slam poet slash rhyme slasher... cooking up words and cleansing paragraphs like an experienced dish is open 24/7...stop by and order some lyrics for your melon.
Spittin' and spewin' for an expression of what I'm feelin' experiences intertwined with torture thats rarely sex appealin'...i know i dont fit in.
No sexual innuendo from this keyboard composer...not into<b> romance </font></b>novels either, unless they come with a full nude poster...idioms inserted in paragraphs that bring you my anguish and torture...of self inflicted wounds as I get older.
But it's not always chaos or disorder.
There's times that I reveal a sweet melody of syllables...that mash up thoughts like materials in crucibles.
Leavin' you bewildered like a spirit entered your soul...big words coming from a broken and imprisoned soul...part of a dysfunctional home...trying to keep it whole...but it all depends on which chemical...i intend to ingest or if any at all.
Sex site ? What sex site ? All i see is nude pics and no penetration in damn sight...or maybe its just me...but I have to be stimulated by a female's mind before I think of her sexually.
And even if I do...its vapid and it gets old fast...gotta have an emotional contact for the sex life to last.
Posting pics of cats and some crazy cars...abnormal for this site...feel like regular at a bar...that only ordered water so far.
Far from timid...although I have my limit. Fake profiles and scammers...slam on my esteem like a medley of hammers...frustrating me with the logout button lookin' so pleasant.
No I'm not leavin'... just I always give 'em my opinion...if you want to get to know me more I will feel how real you bein'.
Asking for e-mail, always with one photo....this isn't my first day at the mathafukin rodeo...and even if it was I'd still get first place yo.
Ride these fakers like a cowboy from Mid-West...oh and one more thing before I time you dudes want to see a girl's ass, pussy, or breasts....try givin' em some point money you freakin' free-loaders.
Thats it i'm done...i tired my keyboard's yellin' at me 'stop, stop, stop, dont even press one more button now'

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8/16/2021 10:15 am

nice flow

vapid - likely the first time used in an A**F**F blog post - kudos my friend

lookiss79 replies on 8/16/2021 7:16 pm:
Thanks I try to use unique words

seems6666 51F
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8/16/2021 11:17 am

Good post .. like it 👍

lookiss79 replies on 8/16/2021 7:17 pm:
Glad you enjoyed it...stop by next time...maybe deliver more razor rhymes...just dont read too fast might slice your cranium.

T_Louise 56F
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8/16/2021 12:56 pm

That's good, I like it

lookiss79 replies on 8/16/2021 7:18 pm:
thanks...glad you enjoyed it

author51 59F  
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8/16/2021 10:46 pm

Poetry in motion Hun...xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life..xoxo


lookiss79 replies on 8/17/2021 8:11 am:
motion like a loco motion ...thanks for checkin' it out babe

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