Spittin' the written  

lookiss79 42M
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8/18/2021 9:20 pm
Spittin' the written

This blank screen is white with no scribbled words or texts on it....but it's that time of night and I'm already on it...keyboard letters start pulling my typing fingers on 'em...like they're haunted by my unusual style of rhymin'...possessed by my language and intricate words...slayin' these blog boxes like medieval swords...choppin' ideas about like lyrical warlords...and of course...there is no remorse...when i abuse analogies and clever metaphors...treatin' 'em like twenty dollar whores.

I don't own 'em...creativity is free...but somehow all of 'em keep following me...like they won't let me be... like a dysfunctional family that won't disperse and just break up the family tree...I didn't choose to rhyme the rhymes chose me...at the age of 3...i was stalked and heard whispers from a dic-tio-na-ry....kinda<b> creepy </font></b>for most and even sca-ry....but i fell in love and had no fear in me.

Far from a rapper I do slam poetry at best...shootin' lines makin' listeners wear a lyrical vest...just in case the shock don't puncture your chest....end up with a cardiac arrest...it's just for the best.
Nevertheless...if i don't leave you impressed...at least I got to knock some tension off my chest.

It's a sport for me but I'm not lookin' for no medals, trophies, or even ribbons to be recognized as credible. It's the craft that I'm after, makin' some noise...lettin' those who see this whats on my mind at times. You like it or hate it, I could care fukin less...putting this down gives me some rest...from my crazy n fuked up mind that doesnt want to rest.
As for the rest, that drop by and leave me a comment...a thumb up and praise i appreciate your homage.

Everything here is straight from the heart...rhythmically placed together and it plays its part...
creating a symphony of words that depart...your mind from this world that can be crazy by far.
This is my world and this is my passion...my life on display for those who are askin'...no facade or even any maskin'... a relaxin' Picasso strokin his brush and...wont quit til satisfied with the piece he mastered.

author51 59F  
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8/18/2021 11:08 pm

Straight from the heart is how one should always write. I love reading your work my friend..xoxo

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