always ready  

lovetoloveaz 59M
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11/26/2021 10:06 am
always ready

just chatting in here this room this site and always see many many men hard and stroking and trying hard to get the attention of the lady in waiting. Have you notice that men are always ready to fuck flirt and pleasure. since the first time the cock got hard men have always been wanting to fuck<b> suck </font></b>and pleasure even with other men, Now the ladies they well are more a bit in the shadows waiting for the right one to fuck pick and choose they have that option, some like the black cock or curious on riding it , some like the other cocks or more then one cock at a time. Never the less the ladies got what men want tits are advantage but them openings are the cherry on top .... my first encounter was my sister dressing the door was cracked open and her tits bouncing and
her hairy pussy showing I remember taking out my cock and stroking it to her till I came . One time my sister friend showed me her pussy I almost came in my pants and she smiled the tease is a great thing ... I love the tease of the women they know how

author51 59F  
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11/26/2021 11:28 pm

I love teasing a man of interest in the game of true sexual seduction..xoxo

lovetoloveaz 59M

12/2/2021 4:42 am

love this picture

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