food family and friends  

lovetoloveaz 59M
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11/26/2021 4:35 am
food family and friends

Seasons Greeting everyone, hope all in the blog world had a great time and food time. yesterday Thanksgiving with friends and family.. for those who do not have family and or friends living in the area, I hope you had a feast as well. To our Military out and about who read these blogs well Hand salute and thank you for watching over our Great Country. Had a great time with the relatives and family even the ex came by and celebrated the holiday with her new love and we all shared the bird and feast and drinks.... I love it when the ex still flirts with her friends and well caught her smiling at me as she walked around in her cocktail dress. I would get a flash of her as she pretended not to know. All good I am about the tease so as the party was going on people all over the place she bumped into me in the hallway. I said excuse me and started to leave that is when she grab my crotch and said I miss that big cock of yours and smiles came from her face.. I said doesn't lover boy please you ? Oh yes but not like you could. and with that she led me to my bedroom locked the door and planted a almost drunk kiss on me and went to her knees she pulled out my now massive hardon and well lets say it responded with her sucking. I stood there fucking her mouth then she stopped pulled up her dress bent over the bed and said you are going to<b> fuck </font></b>me with that tool. The music and conversation was loud enough to drown out her moans as I<b> fuck </font></b>both her holes as she was bent. I said you miss daddies cock as I punished those openings. she kept saying yes yes yes and right before I came she pulled off and said not cum in there in case he licks me tonight and finished me off with her mouth, I guess the stuffing from the turkey was not all she wanted ( wink)

author51 59F  
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11/26/2021 7:43 am

Happy Thanksgiving to you.Sounds like sex with the ex had you both stuffed in more ways than one.. xoxo

lovetoloveaz replies on 11/26/2021 9:48 am:
you ever come to phoenix would love to try that ass of yours add me as a friend

lovetoloveaz 59M

11/26/2021 8:44 am

it was fun and erotic and he never even knew I like the dont cum in my pussy he he he

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