maryellen3333 51T
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9/25/2021 12:07 pm

I start by saying I am bisexual and I do like girls and boys . I like girls very much and that is why I emulate them and try to even exceed. As a girl in my submissive role I am totally a bottom partner, give you what you need type partner.
That said , I see that many men seem to like me more than if I were a cis genetic born . I asked them many times as to why and here are the answers to my query , here allow me to be vain as I agree with the responses given to me by many
1 : Pretty feminine face , this seems to be a dominant feature , well again please<b> forgive </font></b>my ego and I say yes i am blessed with a pretty feminine face !!!
2: feminine figure of 8 body contour , that I give gratitude to female estrogen hormones in full doses as early as the virtuous age of under Drs supervision
3 : Of course breasts , here allow to boast natural breasts of a 34 DD/E , most of my bras are 34DD and in that I was lucky as if I were born female this will be my breasts size.
4: legs rounded and fleshy also attributable to hormone therapy
5 : hips and butt , these constitute the lower part of the figure of 8 also attributable to female hormones
6 : genitalia , here what was supposed to be a cock is a fat lump , clitoris or clitty , at best it is 3-4 inches and I find this finding to be a positive attribute as girls do not generally have huge horsey ones with some exceptions of course
7 :My sac is extremely sensitive and I regard it as my labia . My smooth sac seems to cover my anal verge which is the door to heaven as men tell me.
8 : the glorious tight hole that opens up as needed but stays tight and adapts to any intruding part
Does that make a complete woman , well I think so .As much as I envy women , I feel I achieved a better counterpart that pleases me and please many as men tell me and try to pursue a contact with me.
I am obviously horny enough to write this but I hope you will<b> forgive </font></b>my ego and my indulgence as immature as it may be

sissy4you4use 63M
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12/15/2021 6:11 am

nice photos

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