master_jesse44 45M
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11/4/2021 12:50 pm

We meet at a bar, and i come up to you, and start fondling you... so we go outside to the car, and get in ...and now you need some release? You need those tits sucked, massaged, lick, nibbled... and my tongue slowly working its way down your tits, to your lower chest, kissing and licking all the way to your belly button... teasing it, kissing it, licking it... and then slowly work my tongue down to your lips....kissing your pussy lips, licking them, teasing them, then to your clit, sucking it, licking it, nibbling it , then spread your wet pussy lips, and tongue fuck you for about 20 min. teasing your ass with my finger, burying my tongue deep in your wet hot juicy pussy.... and when your ready to cum, i stop.......5 min. later i start again, until your ready... and stop and smile at you..... spread your legs wide, and up on my shoulders...I slide my cock in you, and i start fucking you hard fast and furious, then i tell you that you have permission to cum....

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