Frustrated Submissive  

mewhoe 68M
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11/26/2021 12:24 pm
Frustrated Submissive

I look at different sites trying to find someone who can use me sexually. It has been a few years since I met with anyone. I<b> love </font></b>being submissive and doing what the dominant person desires.
My desire for cum is strange as I am a man. It tastes pretty good and the texture is creamy and smooth. Also I<b> love </font></b>cocks being thrust inside me either top or bottom, quite frankly I do not care which as long as I am being seeded.
Have not done a black man yet but maybe one will contact me and we can have some fun.
I wish to try BDSM as the submissive of course, if you have done this let me know if it was worth the experience.

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