A First For Me  

mm89719 50M  
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11/20/2021 2:34 pm
A First For Me

Well, the first blog I have ever done, and of all places on a site like this. Here it goes. I am still trying to find out what exactly I am looking for, either a serious fling, relationship, marriage, or a combination of all. But some of the responses I have gotten, I appreciate the interest but some who are actually scammers and con artist losers pretending to be someone else simply can’t take a hint….I’m not interested in you! Tell the truth for crying out loud, it will set you free! I am also not interested in anyone who has on her profile that she is only into her own race whether she’s White, Black, or Latina…..it’s the 21st century, spice it up a bit, it’s okay to try something different. One last thing: don’t ever ask me to post and send pictures of my cock. It will never happen for one and two, it’s not my style. I’m into certain things sexually that don’t resort to me popping it out in the open. I guess that’s it for now…wait….I appreciate married women being interested and I’ll happily accept your friend requests and friendship, but I’m not interested in you sexually. I’m not in the marriage busting business. I refuse to go there. Rant over.

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