Making out  

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8/22/2020 8:49 am

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Making out

The urban dictionary defines making out as: Passionate kissing for an extended period of time.

Usually involves tongue and can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.
Often also includes removal of certain items of clothing, dry humping, and touching/ rubbing/groping of various parts of the body.

Does anyone miss making out? Like we did as teenagers? Between classes? In the car, at a drive in? Slow dancing at a party and then you just start sucking face like was not tomorrow?

I sure do....

Kissing gets me .....I dont want just go into fucking....i want some sexy sensual kissing....that leads to both of us pawing our clothes off, falling back, and letting nature take its course.....

John: Have you ever kissed a boy on the mouth? Have you ever been felt up...over the bra, under the blouse, shoes off, hoping to God your parents don't walk in?
Claire: Do you want me to puke?
John: Over the bra...blouse unbuttoned, Calvin's in a ball on the front seat past 11:00 on a school night?.....The Breakfast Club

"....My heart used to be 'The sweet shop of love'....
But now the sign on the door, It says sorry, we're closed" --
Edwin McCain

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MikeHockinhand 46M

9/17/2020 2:46 pm

When I go on a trip I want to enjoy the journey there๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

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8/22/2020 6:27 pm

one of my favorite activities

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