"Jack's Nights" ...  

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11/13/2021 8:55 pm
"Jack's Nights" ...

Although we haven't had the chance yet to return to Steam1 for "Co-ed Night", I personally have had the pleasure to attend a couple of "Jack's Nights"...
It's billed as "Four hours of masturbatory fun" , and it has turned out to be a good experience.
Although I expected there to be more in attendance, there were a few nice displays of self satisfaction. I have always enjoyed watching and being watched by others, and the cocks were on full display....including my own.
The evening started off slow with a few guys wandering around and stroking themselves intermittently. I positioned myself on the upper bench in the playroom and began to stroke. As I reclined myself, with my cock reaching for the sky , I started to draw some attention. A few others watched as I began to enjoy my hard cock, and the more I was viewed, the more intent my stroking became. Long deep strokes that led to some pleasurable slapping and spanking of my rigid erection. There were comments of encouragement from some of the onlookers.
After awhile, I then moved to the lower floor and positioned myself, standing on display, in the centre of the room as I stroked. This drew the attention of one<b> younger </font></b>participant who approached and asked if he could touch. I agreed and he began to fondle and stroke my cock. I returned the favour, stroking his cock... and this soon led to a full on circle jerk, with seven of us standing in a close circle masturbating away. It was a sight to behold.
Although the evening did not culminate in my fantasy of a nice session of bukakke, I still enjoyed the fun and received a few compliments when I finally sprayed my cum a couple of hours later.
I will go back for more to the next Jack's Night ...and hopefully one evening I will receive the bath of multiple cumshots that I desire. Hopefully I'll see some of you there...or maybe at one of the "Co-ed Nights"
Don't forget to say hi .

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