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needu2bhere 58M
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11/9/2021 10:11 am
Seeking Sensual

am looking for a girl, or gurl, who likes be pleased and pampered. I want take the time needed make you feel totally satisfied and exhausted.  I love the to see a "lady" as she closes her eyes and lets explore her body and fantasies. Will you let kiss my way your inner thigh and linger at your eager love mound? Can I tease you and make you beg for take you? I want smell and taste of your goodness -<b> kissing </font></b>, licking and sucking your sweetness. Have you wondered how it would feel totally let yourself go as I take my pleasure with you? I want to see your eyes close as you get closer and closer to that moment we both want so much.Even now, as I think of you and write this, my cock strains at the thought of you, desiring to be released from it's confines. I think often of what it would feel like have your skin pressed against mine. I want you. I want to make you feel as you have never felt before. I want to make deep passionate love to you. I want you to feel every bit the beautiful "woman" you are. I want you to take me and guide me to your waiting, quivering, hole. I want to enter you ever so slowly, so as to feel every inch of your warm moist love as it covers me and enthrones my meat inside you. I do not want to miss an iota of you. I want to feel everything about you I want to feel your muscles tighten and your legs start to quiver as you draw ever so nigh to that eruption of pleasure. I want hear a moan escaping from your beautiful lips as we go over together. Can we go there together?God, how badly I want you. To feel your body pressed against mine. I can feel your bosom heaving as your breathing becomes shallow and quick with anticipation of me entering you and filling you with my love. Your back arches as you moan for me to take you. Soon, Sweetheart, soon. But first, I want to caress and explore every inch of your beautiful body. My fingers dance lightly across your soft, glorious body. Only when you beg me to make you cum, will I then enter you and make slow, sweet love to you. I can feel you getting closer, I can hear your breath quicken in my ear. I feel your muscles tightening as a soft moan escapes your slightly parted, beautiful, full lips. Then we .................... Or if you prefer, I can just FUCK you like an animal. I can ram my cock hard into you, thrusting deep and feel or bodies slap together with force as you feel my hard cock tear into you, sweaty and hard. Do you prefer it like that? Do you like the feel of a man as he grabs you and pulls you to him, strong and hard? Do you prefer if a man takes you and commands you to fuck him? Does it excite to know that you have the power to make a man beyond control as he drives deep into you. Do you want me to tell you to suck me cock even as I thrust my hardness into your mouth and down your throat? Tell me how you like it. Tell me how you want me to take you. Tell me how we can make this happen. Please let me know if you would like to pursue this further. Until then,Yours in waiting,

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