slow dancing on the hillside at Miller Outdoor Theater  

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10/26/2021 6:37 pm
slow dancing on the hillside at Miller Outdoor Theater

A story, true story from a few years ago, 4 or 5. I belong a Meetup group for singles over 50. Mostly what we do is go out dancing, mainly live music. We been quite a few good shows at Miller Outdoor Theater. And we dance on the hill side, especially the slower<b> songs. </font></b>Granted that hillside is pretty steep, and isn’t easy dance, but we are a dedicated bunch of dancers.

For those of you not in the Houston area, see here:

is a really great venue, always free, and they some very good performances. So one night, are about 20 or 25 of us from the Meetup group sitting on the hill side, and dancing occasionally. Naturally, I did some dancing, I love hold a woman in my arms. After a while, a woman whom I didn’t know comes up me. She tells me that her husband passed away the year before, and she hasn’t danced with anyone for more than a year, and would I dance with her the next slow song. Not being a heartless monster, of course I did. One of my better memories from recent years.

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