The walk part one  

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11/21/2021 4:03 am
The walk part one

This is a current story in my head, pure fantasy, written as a woman.

I walk alone on a warm July morning, warm with a light breeze. My husband and I own 100 acres of forest and fields, I am on an old road through a stand of hardwood trees. We are nudists and enjoy the freedom and feeling the sun and breeze on our skin as we stroll. I walk along thinking about our life, we work hard and I would say play hard but more accurate might be relax well. He works as a construction supervisor, I as a nurse. We hope to have a family one day, so far that has proved illusive. This morning I wonder, and worry why we can't seem to connect. We began trying by discontinuing birth control and passively letting things happen. After a couple of years began following cycles and trying to time copulation for the best possible timing. Trying to conceive is now starting to become a chore. I worry I may never be a mother, time is running out. Did I wait too long? I think about how I have changed, I carry more weight that I would like, though not a lot, it is mostly in my bottom. My once perky breasts sag more than they did, though my nipples still turn up, trying to be perky. I have a little belly, not bad for a woman nearing 40.

As I walk, I feel his presence somewhere behind me. I guess he decided to walk as well. I think about waiting but am feeling frisky and decide to tease him a bit. My husband has always said he likes my bum. I give a little extra wiggle as I slowly stroll, hoping he will enjoy the show and not try to catch up too soon. The breeze blows across me, my nipples stiffen. I think about him, and how, after nearly twenty years together he knows just what I like, just what I need and how he always make sure I enjoy our time together. I stroll on, wiggling my naked tush for him, wondering if he is nude as well, is he is being lead by a lower appendage. In my mind I see it sway side to side as it juts from his loins. I have not seen him, but know he is there. That knowledge, the mental image of his naked body, the sun and breeze on mine are causing me to become arouse,<b> wetness </font></b>is becoming apparent. He knows how much I like to be taken in the woods and I anticipate him doing so.

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