the walk continued read part one below first  

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11/23/2021 3:08 am
the walk continued read part one below first

I have been taken by him here, in these woods in the past. normally we are walking together and the mood strikes. I wonder now if he will pursue me if I ignore his approach, will he sneak up and ambush me? That thought excites me, I smile to myself. I continue to walk, stroll really, slowing to guage his reaction, just be listening, feeling, never looking back. I know he is near, still not quite hearing him. I slow more as I apporach a slight curve in the road. As I round the curve, I slow more. The anticipation and associated arousal has me wet, my nipples erect, I can feel the heat of my flushed skin being cooled by the breeze. As I move past the curve, I am surprised by his foot steps now close. I am so turned on I think if I touched myself I would bring about a strong orgasm. I am trembling with excitement. His steps are getting closer. Suddenly, a hand on each hip, I jump, inhaling sharply. His strong hands pull me towards him, I stop walking. His hands reach to cup each breast, pulling my body to his. As we come together his extrememly hard penis slides between my thighs parting my labia and is wet by my juice. I moan, as does he. I want him in me, I want him to take me now. Turning slightly to the right, I see a tree, just off the trail, I turn, we turn together, I bend slightly at the waist and hold it with both hands, ready to be mounted. His hands immediately move to my hips as he lubes his cock between my pussy<b> lips. </font></b>My legs tremble as he slides in, all the way in one slow motion. When he is buried in me, he flexes his hips, rocking them forward, pressing his loins against me. He begins slow thrusting, I like it slow at first. he pulls all the way out, until he is just at the entrance, then back all the way in. He does this only a few times until he is increasing the pace. Now at a steady moderate pace he is thrusting into me. I can feel my breasts sway and jiggle, feel moans come from me, feel his body contact mine with each in thrust. I have had him this way many times, this feels different, good but different. There is an urgency to his actions, a difference in how he feels within me, even in my extreme state of arousal I sense something is new. For a few minutes I enjoy a nice moderate pace, steady beat of him sliding in and out, I am enjoying the sounds of my moans, an occasional moan from him, the scents coming form our bodies. I look down and see his bare feet, outside of mine, see his legs move as he thrusts. His need to cum becoming apparent as his pace quickens. He is now thrusting hard into me. We fuck like animals breeding in the wild. As that image flows through my brain, I keep thinking, feeling something is different, something in the way he pounds me like he has not before. Something about the way his ball slap my skin, the exquisite slight pain as his cock head hits my cervix. He is grunting as he hits bottom now, I am feeling like I will cum when he suddenly stops, all the way in, groans, squeezes and pulls my hips to him and releases his semen, his sperm into me. I feel the spurts at the entrance to my womb, a new sensation foe me, for us. I reached down, as his body shakes and touch my clit, and have a strong, trembling, knee weakening orgasm, electric warmth flows through my body from my feet, to my head. He reamins all the way in as our quaking subsides. He withdraws, I feel some of his seed spill from me and run down my thigh. As I remain, bent clutching the tree, he leaves without a word. I stand on wobbly knees, and look straight ahead, recalling the events, replaying the scene in my head. As I recover I recall how this coupling felt different. A different scent, his urgency-intensity, he has never been that deep before, I have never felt him deliver his seed so deep. Then, his feet----- holy shit--- the feet, whose feet?

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