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Sex Story  

owenforthelove 44M
0 posts
11/17/2021 12:28 pm
Sex Story

I had only been 18 for two days couldn’t wait any longer to do this. I had walked past the adult store on my way home from school every day for the past three and a half years and had yearned to take a look inside. Maybe even ride a real man’s cock in the back room. In truth I did not need to walk past this store every day – in fact it was a longer walk – but it was so hot walking past the store and imagining what it was like inside.

Standing at 5’4” tall, nicely tanned skin (thanks to my families gym membership and the tanning booths), blue eyes, darker dirty blonde hair that graced my shoulders, 38 D well shaped breasts, with a booty and thighs that showed how intense I keep my daily squat routine; I do not think of myself as being overly pretty or sexy but I know I draw a lot of guys attention. I really enjoy when the occasional guy whistles or cat calls me. I know girls are not supposed to like it but I have orgasmed so hard as I rubbed my clit thinking about one of these guys who makes lude comments to me popping my cherry in a forceful way in the dirty backroom of a store with porn playing.

I had decided weeks ago that the Saturday after I turned 18 would be the day I would go into the store and explore with my parents being away for the weekend. I wanted to feel sexy as I did so and decided to buy a special black dress for the occasion. It came down my thighs just barely enough to cover my ass and pussy and clung to my body. The lower half was made of satin while the top was mostly sheer fishnet with a little less sheer lace over my nipples leaving little to the imagination about my cleavage. It was held up over my breasts by a small stretchable strap that went around my neck and left a good amount of my back exposed. I wore a pair of brown boots with it that had a small hidden pocket in it for my ID, Debit Card, house key, and some cash. Without any underwear or bra I grabbed my iPhone and headed out the door.

I felt way hornier and sexier than usual as I walked along the road towards the store. I could almost hear my heat beat with excitement as I took my usual path. As the store came into view I was happy to see the parking lot had a decent amount of cars parked in it including a white paneled van. Fully appreciating someone willing to be creepy enough to bring a white paneled van to a porn shop, I made my way to the door, darkened with black paper, pulled it open, and stepped inside.

As my eyes adjusted to the dim light a gruff voice from an older gentleman behind the counter hit my ears with a “Can I help you, miss?”

“Maybe” I replied. “I turned 18 two days ago and wanted to look around and maybe take a look at your viewing booths.” I felt my cheeks turn red, giving me away but I was too horny to turn back.

He grinned as he said, “Sure, let me see your ID.” I handed him my ID, he looked at it then handed it back to me. “The booths have a five dollar cover charge but it covers you to be in there all day.”

I reached down and pulled out my little wad of bills. I pulled out a five and handed it to him. “Here is the money” I said smiling.

“Thanks, have fun. Oh, and miss did you want some condoms?”

“No, thanks. I am on birth control.”

He frowned as he pushed a handful of condoms at me. “Let’s tell the guys that if they are clean they don’t need one but if not then they do. Pregnancy is not your only concern young lady.”

I smiled as I took them then headed for the back room. He came out around the counter and followed me back. The smell of dirty jock straps hit me as I set the condoms on a bench . The raw stench made me even hornier and needier.

The guy from the counter whistled then said in a booming voice; “Hey guys, this young lady wants some fun. There is a pile of condoms on the bench here. If your clean you don’t need one to play with her but if your not – wear one or get out of my shop.” He then took my face in his hand and kissed me before looking into my eyes and saying “Have fun” and walking back to the counter.

Several of the guys that were back there came out of the booths and were looking me over. Two of them had their cocks in their hands and were stroking to me. One larger guy walked up to me, and looked me in the eye then asked. “What do you want?”

I looked back into his eyes as I said “To have a large cock take my virginity.”

He laughed as reached down feeling my body through my dress, pulling it up to my tummy. He took my cellphone from my hand and activated the camera handing it to a guy before he picked me up and gently laid me back on the bench. I could see his cock getting hard in his pants. It was so huge. He popped it free and I gasped. “Maybe a smaller cock at first….” I started to say.

He simply laughed as he rubbed his right thumb on my slit, making me wet as he used his left hand to quiet me. “I will be your first lover” he said as he looked into my eyes. He took his right hand from my wet slit and used it to rub his cock up and down. There is something familiar about him I thought as he suddenly plunged his full girth into me making me gasp.

I started to flail my arms and legs prompting four guys to step up and hold me in place as my first lover held still in me, looking into my eyes. It seemed like forever and I felt his presence in me becoming comfortable, even pleasurable. He moved both of his hands to my neck and grasped me so I couldn’t breath as he pulled back and slammed his cock back into me. He repeated this several times getting faster with every stroke. I felt like I was going to pass out as someone started to rub my clit. He released his hold on my throat and an orgasm more massive than anything I had ever experienced rushed through me. As I came down from my orgasm I could hear him grunt as he filled my womb with his seed. He leaned down and kissed me, passionately, before standing up and pulling his cock out of me.

I felt a sudden void and need when he pulled out. He slid me up the bench, making the condoms go flying to the floor, as my head came to rest over the edge. I looked between my legs and saw another guy with a rock hard cock ready to take me. His cock had a smaller shaft but a giant head. He had a tattoo of a bio hazard symbol on his stomach and he rolled a condom onto his cock as he said to me. “I guess you don’t want aids, just a baby, huh?”. He laughed as he plunged into me.

I saw my first lover with his large cock covered in a mix of my virgin blood and semen. He looked so hot as he gently stepped up to my head and put his cock to my lips. Having given blow jobs before I knew what he wanted and I opened my mouth. He pushed into my mouth then my throat as I swallowed. The taste of my blood and his semen nearly sent me over the edge as my second lover pound away at my cervix and womb. It was intense but I realized I couldn’t breath. Just as my lungs started to burn my first lover pulled back enough for me to get a few good breaths through my nose before fucking my throat again. It was only a short time before I felt the condom bulge in me and my first lover filled my throat making me choke. They both quickly pulled out of me and sat me up. Someone pushed water at me and I drank it down. My second lover held a bottle out to me and told me to take a deep breath of it. I took a deeper breath than I should have, thinking it was smelling salts. I felt my blood rush, muscles relax, and my pussy twinge as my first lover picked me up.

“I am John, what is your name?” he asked as he carried me.

“Hannah. It is nice to meet you John” I said as I snuggled into his chest.

He laughed as he opened a door and deposited me into a chair facing a screen then he left and closed the door behind me. The screen showed a girl being fucked on a bench by two guys. It made me wet watching it and I found myself playing with my clit, needing cock. I got up and tried to push on the door finding it jammed or being held closed. I looked around and noticed two holes, one on each side of the TV. I could see two guys watching me from each of the holes. I got down on my knees next to one hole and leaned forward trying to kiss the guy. He returned the favor then held up a condom and said to me, “You should put this on me before you suck on me too much.”

I took the condom and the next thing I knew his cock was staring me in the face. I gently caressed it with my hand and stroked it till it was hard then gently rolled the condom onto it. I started to suck and slobber on it trying to make the condom move around and pleasure him more. As I did so I found that I could also put my rear up against the other hole and I soon found fingers probing my pussy. It hurt a little as I was feeling really sore but also felt good the way he was playing me. Soon I found my back arching into an orgasm. I kept working on the cock in front of me. I could hear him moaning and enjoying it encouraging me more. The guy at my pussy had stopped and now I felt his cock probing me. I reached back and put his bare cock to my outer labia and slowly pushed back. He returned the favor by thrusting into me making me moan on the guy in my mouth. I was fully enjoying the two cocks when I felt the condom around the guy in my mouth bulge out. I took my mouth off from the condom and saw the hottest sight of the condom being so full. I reached out and gripped the base of his cock pulling the cum filled condom from his cock and he retreated back through the hole. I tied the condom and gave him a show through the hole of me playing with the cum filled condom with my tongue. The guy behind me exploded against my cervix, putting more cum in my womb making me reach another climax. I moaned out and the door opened.

John stepped in as the guy who was in my pussy retreated. He sat down in the chair with his cock at attention and had me straddle him and take him back into my sore pussy. He took a hold of my ass and slowly lifted me up and down letting his hands wander on my body. He reached up to my neck and tore my dress off me so I was fully nude, riding him. I saw him hand the torn dress to a guy who had his hand out in one of the holes but I needed John’s cock in me too badly to say anything. I needed to ride him harder, take him more. I reached forward and hugged John’s head and stared into his eyes, cum filled condom still in my hand, as I slammed myself onto him orgasming into him, making him fill my womb with more seman. I collapsed onto John hugging him, needing him to stay in me.

The door opened and someone handed John my iPhone which was now inside a condom. John picked me up off from him, making me wine. He bent me over and pushed my iPhone into my pussy, filling me. He then sat me on his lap, took the cum filled condom from me, and looked me in the eyes. “Are you sore enough yet, Hannah?”

“I am very sore John. I think I am ready to go. How long have I been here?”

“3 hours, but who’s counting? I will drive you home since you no longer have a dress. I would also like to make some suggestions on some toys for you to get.”

“Okay, John.”

He took me out into the shop in the nude and helped me to pick out some different sized butt plugs and an anal cleaning kit. Then he surprised me at the counter by paying for the items for me. “You can just pay me back Hannah.” He said with a laugh.

The shopkeeper gave me a large shirt to wear out to Johns car. Then we were headed outside. The sun seemed blinding but warm. John walked me over the white paneled van. “Here we are” he said as he opened the side door and pushed me in, tossing the toys in behind me. He ran around and jumped in the driver’s seat. I found that a cage separated me from John and there was a matress, rope, blind folds, and even some chains and shackles back here.

“John, what is this?” I asked with as steady of a voice as I could muster.

“My mobile sex dungeon” He said with a smile. “I will leave the doors unlocked for you and you always have your cell phone if you feel too scared. Now what is your address?” He indicated a GPS unit.

I told him my address and he laughed. “I won’t need the GPS unit for that address.” He said as he put the van in gear.

As we drove I tried on the shackles and a spiked choker I found. John soon turned into my driveway and stopped looking back at me. “Want to come in?” I asked.

“Sure. We have only been neighbors for 6 years and I have never been in your house.” He replied.

Suddenly it hit me where I knew John from. “John are you the guy who moved in 6 years ago and throws the<b> parties </font></b>like once a month?” I asked.

“Yes, did you want an invite?” he asked.

“Ya, I have always wanted to go. You have the best music playing but there is always security” I replied.

John came around as I took his collar and shackles off and picked me up and the toys and carried me inside. I pointed him to the closest bathroom and he took me in setting me on the toilet. He made quick work of hooking up the Clean Stream anal cleaning system to the shower then took charge of me as he filled my bottom with water and had me shit in front of him four times. The fourth time only water came out and he told me it was time. He took some coconut oil I had in the bathroom and gently rubbed it into my anus then all around his cock. He gently bent me over the sink and buried his cock deep into my anus in a slow and gentle yet firm way. The pain was intense, worse than when he took my vaginal virginity. He stopped once he was fully in me and kissed around the back of my neck, letting me get used to the feeling. “Relax and it will feel good” he breathed into my ear.

Somehow I felt my sphincters relax a bit and John gently started to pull back and thrust into me. I tried relaxing and clenching my sphincter a couple of different ways until I finally found a pattern that not only made the fucking tolerable but also enjoyable making me moan. John started going faster with making me moan louder and with more intensity. I don’t know how it was possible but after a decent amount of John fucking my ass I found myself in an amazing climax with my whole body shaking. This sent John over the edge and he filled my bottom with his seed. He gently pulled out of me then pushed a medium sized butt plug into me. He picked me up and carried me to the couch and laid me out. He kissed me then left a card with his number on the coffee table along with the tied condom filled with disease ridden seed. It was not exactly comfortable being filled but I was so exhausted I drifted off to sleep as he left.

I woke up a few hours later to my iPhone vibrating. I scrambled to get it and the butt plug out of me and answer the call from my mom eyeing Johns card I said hello to my mom as I picked up the seed filled condom and walked to the trash can to toss it out.

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