Marraige is a bitch!  

parpekin 39M
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11/11/2021 2:38 pm
Marraige is a bitch!

I love my marriage and my wife! We have drifted apart a bit, time does this so do and professional life and we take for granted what is right in front of us.

My wife is gone for 3 weeks, she went see her mother and thats fine, but I have this insatiable urge cum. Over and over again. Its still there most of the time when she is home and sometimes I masturbate and watch porn. But since she left I got back FriendFinder-x and its been different. The sexual side of myself has come life again and I continually feel that it has been tampered down by my wife, sadly say.

The lack of attention, the avoidance due her not being aroused and her knowing attention arouses . It gets . I don't think this makes a bad person, she has talked about love languages in the past and mine is definitely touch and hers seems to be avoidance. She feels perfectly fine going through the days and nights with no attention anymore. We used to be very loving towards each other, we made our friends sick with our PDA. We were never fucking 3 times a day but our affection level was fantastic. But now with time and life passing its gone to nearly zero.

She has other issues that I am aware of and try to be respectful of, she has pain issues over and she may have some kind of auto immune disease and I am aware and respectful to that. But to what end?

I can't just avoid her because I may get aroused or may want to touch or be close to her. She doesn't sit the couch next , she also runs hot so if we are in contact for more than a few seconds she moves away. I am literally isolated when I need be enveloped. This is the yin and yang of marriage I guess.

How much can I do without, its like testing my pain threshold.

Yet we have this life together, a great life. Great house and and an existence that is comfortable for our day to day. She seems to like it for the most part too. There is the general sense of the chaos that the bring but she is ok with that.

I just watched an amazing porn. These people were just exploring and having fun, there was kinds of things going but the point is that they looked mostly lost in the moment. I just want that a couple times a week.

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