Mr Hypocrite  

playpartner5 43F
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1/10/2016 12:58 pm
Mr Hypocrite

I have over 100 pics and 10 videos on my profile. They've been taken over the past two and half years since I've been on the site. In that time, I've stayed the same 14/16 the whole time. Sometimes, my arms and legs have more muscle tone that others, which is typical if I'm actually working on it. But I look the same.

I just ended a conversation with an asshat. His profile specifically reads:
Do NOT contact me if any of the following apply to you:
*If you are not willing to send CURRENT FACE AND BODY PICS
*blah blah

So within the first few messages he wants a current face pic, so I send a few, he sends back two that are clearly old because his now 20yr old is about 6 in the picture. Ummm.... ok. Do you have anything current? He says, yes I have a beard now. I think, cool. I like beards. He then send a pic that's a few months old without the beard, part of his face covered, sunglasses on, and from the mid chest up. Ummm... ok. He then asks me for a full body nude pic. At this point, he hasn't earned that pic from me. I'm not even sure I want to meet him let alone send him a pic that's not in my profile for a reason. I'm not hiding anything, but I also don't have pussy pics. I don't feel every man here should be able to view my entire body or my pussy. So I don't send it.

Next problem is he wants to know how many playpartners I have. I had already explained to him that I am looking for a bf, someone to date. He said he understood that. I placate him and tell him how many and remind him that I'm still looking to stop playing when someone of quality comes around.

This is when he decides to go off on me saying he knows I've gained a significant amount of weight since I won't send him a full body nude pic. He suggests I change my profile to say bbw. He also suggests that I change my profile to say I'm looking for a serious relationship because I'm misleading people. Hmmmm, I'm pretty sure my profile, my auto responder, and all of the messages I send to men are about my wanting a bf to date. Nothing else. Plenty of men can testify to a quick end to our conversation because they just want to fuck around.

All this to say, FUCK YOU DICKWAD! You and your pedophile mustache. I'll be taking pics this week to disprove this idiot.

galvsailor61 60M
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2/27/2017 12:27 am

Not cool with his inappropriate critique of you.....Off Base and not true.....I know you were venting and needed to get this off your chest, so to speak.....Hope you feel better and consider a visit to My Lovely Island of Galveston for a freaky, erotic beach vacation sometime soon!!

Ringlos 54M
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12/12/2016 1:13 pm

Just on general principle I am going to send you a picture!

dyk4u2c 54M
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6/23/2016 1:48 pm

Hmmm, I never allow anyone to dictate anything to me. They can offer the "promise of pussy", attention or something they think will allow them to manipulate me, but nothing works. I NEVER have the need to justify anything about me, to someone who obviously just wants control. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. I practice what I preach, treat others like I want to be treated AND expect the same of others. If they can't, goodbye and good riddance. Sinking to their level of ignorance/ stupidity, only benefits them. Misery loves company.

looking12453 25M

1/13/2016 10:35 pm

That sucks how often do those types of people come around

rm_TLAKReturns 55M
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1/12/2016 4:25 am

Another one who gives men a bad name

I_willoralu 47M
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1/10/2016 1:52 pm

I wouldn't even bother to disprove him. He isn't worth your time or effort.

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