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Mr Hypocrite
Posted:Jan 10, 2016 12:58 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2016 6:56 pm

I have over 100 pics and 10 videos on my profile. They've been taken over the past two and half years since I've been on the site. In that time, I've stayed the same 14/16 the whole time. Sometimes, my arms and legs have more muscle tone that others, which is typical if I'm actually working on it. But I look the same.

I just ended a conversation with an asshat. His profile specifically reads:
Do NOT contact me if any of the following apply to you:
*If you are not willing to send CURRENT FACE AND BODY PICS
*blah blah

So within the first few messages he wants a current face pic, so I send a few, he sends back two that are clearly old because his now 20yr old is about 6 in the picture. Ummm.... ok. Do you have anything current? He says, yes I have a beard now. I think, cool. I like beards. He then send a pic that's a few months old without the beard, part of his face covered, sunglasses on, and from the mid chest up. Ummm... ok. He then asks me for a full body nude pic. At this point, he hasn't earned that pic from me. I'm not even sure I want to meet him let alone send him a pic that's not in my profile for a reason. I'm not hiding anything, but I also don't have pussy pics. I don't feel every man here should be able to view my entire body or my pussy. So I don't send it.

Next problem is he wants to know how many playpartners I have. I had already explained to him that I am looking for a bf, someone to date. He said he understood that. I placate him and tell him how many and remind him that I'm still looking to stop playing when someone of quality comes around.

This is when he decides to go off on me saying he knows I've gained a significant amount of weight since I won't send him a full body nude pic. He suggests I change my profile to say bbw. He also suggests that I change my profile to say I'm looking for a serious relationship because I'm misleading people. Hmmmm, I'm pretty sure my profile, my auto responder, and all of the messages I send to men are about my wanting a bf to date. Nothing else. Plenty of men can testify to a quick end to our conversation because they just want to fuck around.

All this to say, FUCK YOU DICKWAD! You and your pedophile mustache. I'll be taking pics this week to disprove this idiot.
Common Sense Communication
Posted:Jan 9, 2016 10:32 am
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2016 4:53 pm

I talk to a lot of men from here. Based on their communication, I'll know whether we will get along or not. If he fails at this in the beginning, I don't care about his dick, chest, face, job, kink level, etc. He's not for me and I won't put myself through that type of frustration.

In case you're wondering what good communication looks like, it's basic common sense. Here's an example from the last two days. Thursday night, I start chatting on IM with a guy and his personality is great. We move to text, then talk on the phone for a while. Conversation was going so well, that we were up til 3am chatting. He's a talker so this was easy to do. Friday morning, I wake up to two texts from him. We text for a few, but I told him I'll be free after I get some work done. He told me he was off because he's in an industry where snow would prevent him from working.

I call around 1:30 when I was running a business errand, then text at 3:30. Nothing. We were supposed to be getting together for a first date later that evening, but because it was snowing, I'm wondering if he's still going to drive the hour to see me. I text again at 7:30. Still nothing.

This morning I wake up with a text that says he fell asleep at 5:30 after work and didn't wake up til 11pm because he was so tired from staying up.

NOW, here are the holes:
- he originally said he was off; he's self-employed
- he didn't respond to the voice mail or texts I sent before 5:30 when he fell asleep
- he didn't message at 11pm with an apology saying he fell asleep since he knows I'm still awake that late as proven by the previous evening's call
- he waited until this morning to give me this excuse and didn't try to reschedule

Yep, he's flaking out. Not the guy for me. Guys, just be honest. If you were horny and/or lonely the night before, send a quick text back saying "Hey, it was great to chat last night, but I just want you as a friend. Good luck." or "Hey, after chatting with you for a bit, I realize that we aren't a good fit." If you're still interested in her and just a bone-head, come clean with your bullshit or don't start it in the first place. She will see through you and your lies.

Everyone has time to communicate, even if it's 10 seconds in the bathroom. A quick text of "hey, I'm really busy or had a really busy day, I can't chat right now. I'll get back to you later or tomorrow." This is how you keep a woman interested in you, keep her from thinking you're a flake, and keep her respect.
Career guys and balancing life
Posted:Jan 3, 2016 11:54 am
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2016 4:54 pm

Lately I've run across a few men of the same type. They are quality people and that part is evident. I may or may not get to meet them, however, their mindsets are the same. "I'm focusing on my career." "I started a new job." "I'm want a promotion."

As a solid, ambitious woman, I understand the desire to improve your career and reach those goals. HOWEVER, why do men feel as though having a woman in their life would prevent that? If you're a strong enough man, nothing will stop you. If you decide to date a whiny woman who needs to see you every day, then that's your fault. Grab your balls in your hand and use them.

The right woman will want to run along side of you, not slow you down. She will have dreams and ambitions of her own, but there is no reason you can't find balance in your relationship. That might look like set date nights where you get out of work late, you're tired and you head to her house to shower while she finishes dinner or you order takeout. Relaxing on the couch and letting your mind rest with someone who can be content just being with you watching tv or something. It's also nice to catch a movie on a Saturday afternoon and enjoy lazy Sunday morning sex. Birthday sex, having a date to a company event to ward off that one girl in the office you shouldn't have slept with, having someone to celebrate the wins in life, these are all benefits of a woman in your life.

What I'm trying to say, is that some guys are just dumb. Your sex drive will not go away just because you want to work on your career. If anything, you need a girlfriend more than other guys. Finding a fuck buddy or a fwb is hard work that you don't have time for. If you aren't exclusive and she's on this site, she has many options and may not be available when you want her to be. Committing to seeing her two nights a week will guarantee you get laid, have a little female companionship and can still reach your goals. To me, that's much better than trolling this site a few nights a week while you stroke your own dick.
Women are like Cars
Posted:Dec 21, 2015 8:23 pm
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2016 4:54 pm
So I woke up at 6am and couldn't get back to sleep. Not a problem, except that I went to bed at 2am and struggled to get to sleep in the first place. Anyway, while laying there, I started thinking about men, women, dating and sex. Here's my conclusion.

Men see women as two types of cars. Blue sedans are steady, wife-material, baby makers, can take home to mom, and can introduce to friends without a scene or embarrassment. You never get the sex you want and end up here complaining about theblack of sex in your marriage. Suck it up dude, you made that choice. Yellow sportcars are fun, sexually open, adventurous, up for anything, willing to explore your fantasies and her own, etc. Overall, they are seen as temporary fun until they get crazy or one of you gets bored.

FriendFinder-x women are assumed to be yellow and Ok Cupid, Match, and Plenty of Fish women are blue. So the bullshit that spews from your fingers when chatting or emailing here is astounding. lol

The problem is that I am a green crossover. I am able to be that woman you need by your side building a life with you, yet also the freak that can't wait for you to hog tie me to the floor after the leave for sleepovers and force me to squirt over and over. I'm that girl that wants to visit sex clubs to explore and learn something new, but at the same time, I want drinks on the patio with friends or playing games and D&B.

So, please stop trying to put me in your little color box. I can't be contained that way.

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