Covid changes everything, Part 2  

reallyready46 62M
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12/7/2020 11:16 am
Covid changes everything, Part 2

So we have talked of some changes but here are more.

We will see more people work from home. A more flex time approach to work will result. Work from home, but also be there for your that are doing on line classes. This will result in one of two things, some will abuse this system and nannyware will be installed by companies. the other extreme will be the people that just will not stop working. There will be more burn out and less time off.

On line degrees will increase. This will not mean that the people will be prepared to enter the work force. It is not possible to do labs at home. How do you do chemistry, or biology from a home lab??

Homes will undergo a design change. There will be a shower and laundry at the back door of the House. This will allow you to shower and wash clothes before entering your main portion of your home.

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