How covid is gonna change everything, Part one  

reallyready46 62M
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12/6/2020 11:13 am
How covid is gonna change everything, Part one

As the world struggles through this virus I think its safe to say a lot is gonna change. So I will break this down into a couple of parts. So lets start with the non sex things first.
First I believe there will be a push to go cashless. Governments will embrace this for several reasons. The cost of minting money will go down. People will be unable to hide money as easy, so drug lords and welfare cheats will not be able to hide as before. However this also means that the days of getting paided 'under the table" are done. Are you ready to more in taxes??
Next many chains will for go dine in, instead doing doing carry out. This will force people to go home. This will cut the profit of many Resturants, because many will not order dessert or drinks. So I look to see more bundle deals to get you to buy all before you drive away.
Masks will become a way of life. Sorry all you anti makers out there. ( Funny how the anti maskers will say they have breathing issues, but can they yell at the top of their voice for several minutes). In Asia after run ins with SARS and other virus mask wearing has become common place. So it will be here.
Forget about much fun in general. When this started I think most looked at this as being several months in length. We now see. or we should see this will drag on for a couple of years. This will kill Cruise lines, concerts, movie theaters, amusement Parks etc.. The nature of entertainment will change. Less big gatherings, more time in parks, riding, walking and being at home.
Your Home will become a fortress. People will see their home as a castle against what ever the world throws against them. People will stock pile supplies. More will have freezers. There will be more patios and outdoor areas around the house. Gardening may come back, that remains to be seen. For protection more will arm them selves. People will and have been putting money into their homes durning this and it will continue.

author51 59F  
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12/6/2020 11:01 pm

The world will never be the same again for sure..Good post.

You can never have enough JOY in your life..xoxo


reallyready46 replies on 12/8/2020 10:00 am:
Thank you! I value your thoughts.

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