Is there an age limit on here?  

reallyready46 62M
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4/4/2018 12:03 pm
Is there an age limit on here?

Not saying that before November of 2017 I was getting much activity on here, but I have noticed a complete drop off since I turned 58. I understand the thing about guys not being able to preform the older they get. It takes me a few minutes to get reeved up myself. But what I find amazing is how many older woman think they are worth chasing while looking down on men the same age.

Perhaps I am not a average 58 year old male. I try to watch my diet, excersise and stay active. I have never been a minute man nor am I now. I understand and love fore play which is half in the mind. So what makes me now a throw away person?

Yellowdaisies2 47F
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8/29/2021 6:26 pm

There are options for men with ED(erectile dysfunction) in the world of medicine. You do have a very sweet looking body. Kiss kiss

ClydeCouple2 50M/49F
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6/2/2018 9:57 am

We think you are awesome, but we have the advantage of knowing you also.

just think there are too many fakes on here.

Bill and June
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