The wall of shame  

reallyready46 62M
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6/9/2011 9:22 am
The wall of shame

I hate to do this, however when I find frauds and fakes on here, I WILL posts their names on here. You may contact at your own risk. By some chance if you feel that I am wroung about a certain person, please leave me a note.

The first person up hornyhoney03. She has posted several times on multiple groups looking for a gangbang. Then each time stops logging in for days and days allowing the men and women to wait and wait. This last time she asked what weekend would work best. She allowed both weekends to expire with no word. On good word I know of one female that sent an email to her directly, asking to meet over lunch and offering any help. She did recieve a reply but no follow thru.
UPDATE 20 JUNE 2011, I guess after more than 2 weeks of being off, Ms. horneyhoney03 decided to log back on. I guess that the truth hurts, I can only guess that, she removed my posts. Guess because she blocked me from viewing the posts.
What a name what a tag, sexykitten001. I thought this charming woman was the real thing. Had a couple of good chats then one evening after putting on a show, we had a delightful conversation. Everything seemed on track for a meeting. I promised to make dinner. I sent off the info she requested and the wait started. Tried making sure she got the email, tried paging her on IM. I have become invisable to her. I finally sent off an email to her asking her to respond. Nothing. Woman complain about men on here, let me tell you some woman do the same thing. This gal is just a big tease, flash some pics, tell you how bad she wants it then its off to promise the next guy the same thing. Update 14 oct 2011, now she just signs out of IM when I send her a message. Just letting her know she made my blog.

So here I am on IM the other night. I see someone that looks interesting and I send, "Evening, Care to chat?. I get back I am not meeting right now, If you read my profile you would see that. Good luck., Well as a standard I can not read profiles. I understand how this makes me a really terrible person. That and being a single white Male puts me as scum of society. So the little tag line with Ellie 19653 never says anything about not meeting. It says Men and woman. So I respond back with Sorry, perhaps you should put that in your tag line to save from being bothered. I get this response about getting over myself. So after rereading this I told her bye and you are blocked. Wow give a suggestion and get treated like crap!

reallyready46 62M
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8/30/2020 10:05 am

    Quoting author51:
    It is the same for us women here when it comes to some men and being ghosted..Those are the ones that we know that we dodged a bullet..It happens to all of us...xoxo
You know Joy that is a great point, I most likely dodged a bullet and they did me a big favor!

Tenderlady1950 71F
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12/24/2015 2:11 pm

It is not defamatory when it is the TRUTH. You cannot defame someone's character if they act out the part. Posting fakes is a good thing to do. and if it can be gotten away with putting comments on their profile pics.. then that is also a good way to do it. FriendFinder-x WILL deactivate an account if they become VERBALLY ABUSIVE to any member. I know this because I report them. A fake is a FAKE.. get them off by any means available... make it hard for them to connect.. anything. These fakes makes if more difficult the REAL HONEST ones that really do want to connect in person and have fun. So KEEP POSTING THE FAKES!

lil_whimsical 51F
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10/29/2014 12:20 am

This site will delete this blog post and suspend your account if they find that you are publishing other members' names in any defamatory way on your blog. It's a violation of the site's "Terms of Use."

What you CAN do, if you do want to alert other members, is post a comment on their picture on their profile. Then anyone interested enough in the member, and browsing through their photos, will see the comment. The member can delete it (which they rarely do, because most people don't go in and check every picture to see if anyone is leaving comments). Be polite, be specific, I have cut-pasted the abusive emails that certain male members have sent to me, so other women can see what they have written.

reallyready46 62M
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8/4/2013 10:13 pm

Why thanks you Sandra. I do not think that FriendFinder-x shares the same view.

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