What makes sexy?  

reallyready46 62M
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1/29/2015 10:49 pm
What makes sexy?

I think all this work around here is getting to me! lol.

So I was thinking yesterday how have my views of what is sexy changed? Let me start by saying that watching Victoria Secret models have never turned me on. Ok Heidi Klum did and still does but the rest hold no sway over me. To fake to impossible to ever meet, etc.
I have always liked women with brains. Talk to me about every day things. Travel with me see other places.
I have always felt that a woman I can approach is sexy. I really at heart am kinda shy with women. I have liked and still do dark hair women. Sorry most blonds are fake. Be real if you are born with a color then show it!

So where have I changed? Lots of small ways. I like a woman that can work next to me. One that can drink a glass of wine or do a shot of whiskey. I like going to a play or making the Art Museum a thing to do. I like a woman that can do things for herself. Has friends but allows me to keep my friends also.

So with out giving to many details that is it summed up.

Yellowdaisies2 47F
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8/29/2021 6:41 pm

Your an interesting person.

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