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7/22/2021 7:54 pm


As I back the van into the driveway I can see my other fantasy Ruth is home, I would really like to go knock on her door and aske her to join in but I see her boyfriends there. Oh well. Now I must tell you Jans house is impeccably clean and very attractively decorated. Just like the women it shouts class and quality. I backed in because my two lovely sluts are both naked and rolling around on the cool carpet of the van. I open the door and coral the Great Dane that is running around the house he is a big baby and will not leave Diane alone so he’s in the basement for the night.
I get few of the indoor lights on and the outdoor lights off its below freezing in our state this time of year so I know how the girls will warm up. They both break free of each other’s tits and run into the house. I nice huge pair of 44 DDD tits and an equally great pair of 36 B/C cups . Two completely shaved dripping pussies and those asses! Once inside we all just sort of look at one another and share a group hug, as predicted the ladies say they are a bit cold, I suggest we go to the den, Few Windows and a fireplace Jan immediately starts turning from slut to hostess, offering Diane food or drink show her the bathroom and so on. Diane knows what happing and decides to stop it right now . She walks over to Jan wraps her arms around her and sticks her tongue into Jan’s mouth stifling her talk. Breaks the kiss and say”when I want more then this I will let you know”! I have been starting the fire and closing blinds turn to see this site in the fireplace light and think OH WHAT A NIGHT.
In this room there are two oversized overstuffed recliners, I have fallen asleep in both of these chairs and can tell you these are more like adjustable beds then chairs. Jan and Diane have dropped the blankets they had been wearing and are now kissing and grouping in the chair to the right of the fire. I set the flame control on the fire at the same level as my own HIGH ROARING , This dumps not only a lot of warmth into the room but ample light as well, I can clearly see dripping pussies with fingers shining in the light as if it where a porn movie. They are now locked into a hot full kiss and each one is fingering the other both go of them where soaking wet and Jan asked for a towel to protect the fabric on the chair. I head to the bathroom to get it only to return to see they have moved again to the floor in front of the hearth. Now in a 69 and oblivious to me walking in.
Diane has Jan on her back and is bent over her focused on eating that dripping Hole. Jan is a very deep-set clit and Diane’s is sucking for all she is worth holding those sweet lips wide open I can see into that honey pot every time Diane resets her angle of attack on that more than willing pussy. As For Jan she is sucking are about once ever 90 seconds not wanting to separate her mouth from that hairless dripping hole with a very prominent 1.5 inch long clit sticking out like a very proud cock from those lips that open like a willing flower with just the lightest touch. In the light of the fire I can also clearly see the puckered rosebud of Diane’s clenching and releasing with Jans tongue working on her clit and sucking every drop out of her hole.
I know we are in no rush and just contemplate sitting down to watch this show for just a second or two. I take off my clothes and see my cock looking bigger then I think I have ever seen it before. I walk up to the girls and simply state I need some!! With that I lean over and begin to eat that cute rosebud of an assholes Diane been showing me so proudly.
As my tongue works her ass she arches her back and looks back at me. Her face glistened in the light cover in sweet juice. This women was a full fledge pussy lapping machine she is enjoying all the attention she been getting from us both. Jan with this little slow down reaches back to me and gets hold of my aching cock. She gently pulls on me not stroking more of a leading type of action. I pull my hips forward and feel that silky hand cup my full balls and begin to massage them. After a bit she again seems to be pulling me to move up a bit, I oblige her expecting to feel her lips and tongue on me cock and I anticipate how great it going to feel. But my little slut had another idea and pop in goes her finger into my ass. Now I know most of the guys I have ever met are like OH NO MY ASS IS EXIT ONLY. And I know for my old days back in the military a finger in your ass can be unpleasant. But his slim digit knew just what it had to fo and begin to stimulate my prostrate like a pro. I lose sight of my job with this feeling of overwhelming pleasure till Diane wiggles her ass in my face. I just want to never let this end , my tongue slid up her ass just as far as I can get it. Well all of this had two of us ready to cum, Diane let lose first and I swear she literally shot cum from her cunt like a she had filled it with water! The amount oc cum was stunning Jan’s face and hair were dripping. A small pool of cum was trapped on Jans tits and cleavage! This sight pushed me over the edge and I shot a load of cum to ad to the mess on Jan.
Well now we had to shower all of us need to but that shower was a normal one and only the girls would fit in there together I sat on the bowl just watching this sight in amazement.
Once I jumped in the shower the girls would just both kissed me and said they would be waiting for me by the fire. I jumped in it felt so good to just relax I spent maybe 5 min letting the water run over my head and down my back. Once I got out I Found them in the den as promised but something had changed, a hardback chair from the dinning room had made its way into this den of sexual fulfillment? Diane looks at me as I walk in giggles and said we started without you! Now they are both standing there naked started what?? Diane turns to Jan and gently kisses her mouth as she cups both of Jans huge tits. Jan body seems to go limp and she drops into the chair, Jan shifts her hips to the front fem inches of the chair. Her pussy and ass are now fully exposed and open for all Diane slowly drops to her knees in front of Jan she takes both of Jans legs and puts them on her shoulders, with out looking at me she says I am going to get her to squirt in my face like did to her. I am going to need you to take care of my needs! With that she drops her head into Jans lap and brings one hand up under her ass to play and finger both eager holes. I just took my position behind Diane and for the first time this night slid my cock balls deep into a sopping wet hole.
This was the remainder of the night Fuck, Suck Cum wash repeat, over the course of night I was able to fuck both gorgeous sluts and deposited light and lighter loads into every hole. I was fingered and licked on my asshole and my cock was so raw by the end of this night it took a few days not to wince just trying to take a piss. I figured I was this would have been a ongoing thing. But learned in the world of swinging sex one night stands and BS would be the norm. I will take it but want so much more. In the morning like a vampire she got up got dressed thanked us for a great night and asked I take her to go get her car. Jan and I offerd to spend the day with her but she had plans and just need to get going okay?? Well its 730 AM I get dress and Jan is trying to Diane announces she need to leave now. So Jan walks over and goes to kis her and she turns her cheek to Jan, IM stunned we get in the van and drive off to a confused Jan at home. Little was spoken during the drive to her car seemed to me we had been used for a great time but this was and end. I pulled up to her car she smiles at me and says thanks for the ride and the night, “You guys were great thanks” kiss on the cheek and out she goes. Last we will see of this one. But what the hell I guess ?

Next Part 6 The Hotel parties HAPPY NUDE YEAR!!!!
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