Part 6 The Clubs  

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Part 6 The Clubs

Well after Coach Diane left it became clear she liked one-night hookups and no more. But I had this sexy hot lady that had found another new thing to be distracted by SHE LOVED EATING PUSSY. So, I’m on the hunt to meet new people and get this lady her wants. Now again let me remind you is this is the late 90s the Internet is nothing like what it is today nor are cell phones or any other ways of communicating it's mainly chat rooms and bulletin boards.

I started looking on the Internet to find people with the same desire we are looking for. I found a suburban sex club that held hotel parties. Now this might work, I contacted them and got a response back in a hurry. The guy introduced himself as Len and his wife was Alisha, I explained to this total stranger what was going on and that due to type of work we both did how a club setting may not be good for us. Just like on this site he reminded me if we run into people, we know we can ask them the same question what are you doing here? But he also told me he and the wife have a rule to meet the new people prior to an actual party to make sure we are on the up and up. We setup the meeting at a local dinner, we arrived about ten minutes early and damned if they were not already there.

Len had told me to look for a larger guy and a sexy blond, he also told me what jacket he would be wearing. Once we walk in, I see another stunning lady long platinum blond hair on a lean 5’6” frame very well-placed tits about a C/D 38 or so. A very nice expanse of<b> cleavage </font></b>gave way to a pleated skirt ending mid-thigh. Her makeup was not overbearing and tasteful on a very attractive olive-skinned face. All in all, I would have been happy to do this little morsel.

Now Len stood at least 6’6” with a little heavy build not fat by any means but you know he didn’t miss many meals. He was a pleasant man and to my relief when he saw Jan he didn’t leer or focus solely on her tits. But knew how to talk to a woman like a person not a walking target. Refreshing so far. We all sat down and ordered rinks and dinner, lots of this and that small talk for most of the night.

Once we are all done eating as is the case most time the ladies excused themselves to the rest room, Len took this chance to tell me he and Alicia don’t play at the parties because as host and the folks collecting the fee for the evening it could be considered , but he an Alicia do just have friends over for couples play. I asked him how many people show up and do you have to share your partner. He assured me that play and others are a personal decision no one will be forced to do anything. Said that it usually had about 30 couples and maybe 5 single women and 20 or so single guys. No to keep things more upscale the fees where a bit steep.
Couple M/F 45 for the night.
Single Male 75 Single Ladies Free Same sex couples regardless of sex 30.
By now the ladies have returned from the restroom and I can see a distinct flushing to Jan’s face she sits down and slides her chair closer to Alicia, she smiles that cute you’re not going to believe this smile at me and licks her middle finger seductively, Alicia kiss Len cheek and drops her hand below the table. Len smiles and ask if we would like to maybe go back to there place for another round. Jan smiles at me and then leans over and kisses Alicia’s cheek.

We pay the bill and follow them to their home. Nice place in a good neighborhood. I know as we walk in, I will be seeing this place in daylight tomorrow. The trip to their home took about 20 minutes, no sooner I got in the car Jan began to tell me about the restroom trip. Her face was flushed due to the fact her pussy got fingered by this lust blond we had just met. Our newfound friends had showed up early to check out the place. Seems Alicia had found the ladies room was rather smallish, but it did have the one thing she wanted. THE DOOR WAS LOCKABLE! Once Jan had entered this small room Alicia locked the door and planted a full open mouth kiss on Jan’s stunned face. Remember this is only a few months since her first experience with another woman.

As Alicia kissed Jan, she reached under her skirt pulled her panties to one side and found her hole wet already with a directness Jan’ had only seen from men this woman stuck a finger in her pussy had her thumb on her clit and was stretching to get her asshole too. Well Jan just melted into this this ladies’ clutches and kissed her firmly as she reached under Alicia’s skirt to find her ready to go no panties and a small butterfly type vibrator on her clit! Unfortunately, someone else had to use the bathroom and knocked on the door. This stopped the girls in their track so turn on the water act like a hand wash and unlock the door.

This might have a lot of potential. It’s just after New years and I know I will be leaving to the new home in July, so I plan on making the most of this. As we pull into the driveway of their home Len points for me to pull into the garage open stall next to him, now not being the most trusting of people I decline and leave the Van outside just in case I need to get us out of there. This action of inviting me into the garage seemed a bit out of the ordinary. So just to be safe I slip my small spit ball auto into my pocket. Jump out and tell him I going to leave it outside because it may not fit as it is a high top. With that he invites us into the house.

Now I can write for paragraphs to set up the next hour of so of coffee and wine but let’s just get to where we all want to go. The Ladies are sitting together on a couch in front of a large roaring wood burning fireplace Len and I are sitting on bar stools talking about the club and how it is running something this large. Suddenly we stop hearing them talk and look over to see them in a hot kiss slowly striping each other.

Alicia tells Jan she can’t wait to taste her directly this time and with that drop to her knees and starts to feed on Jan’s sopping wet cunt. Len looks at me and ask if I want to get closer, he and I go sit on the same couch the girls where on as they are on the rug in front of the fire now Alicia pulls her head out from the y she has been feasting at and smiles at us both stands up a just seems to shake off the rest of her clothes. Jan not to be out done pretty much just rips what is left on her body off. NO w Jan being the least experienced one id putty in this Goddess den of debauchery. She slows down Jan’s frantic desire and tells her for all of us to hear that she intends on making her squirt and will take all night to do it.

She turns Jan around, so her face is towards the fireplace and press her shoulders down to a kneeling position, Wit that Len stands up and excuses himself to another room. Alicia is now running her fingers up and down Jan’s ass crack stopping to tease her asshole then running it back up to the small of her back. At the same time, she is using her free hand to hold one of Jan’s tits to her moth to suckle on her hard nipples. This temptress is now ignoring Jan’s pussy and stimulating every other nerve in her now wildly gyrating body.

As I am m sitting on the couch only six to eight feet away, I can not only see both women’s wetness but the unmistakable fragrance of a pussy needing attention is now filling the room. Len shows back up and he is decidedly different, he has a wedge pillow, a few large beach style towels and a LARGE HARDON. The man is naked as well!! Being that I am short in stature this guy had me in every way but remarkable your cock where about the same.

Len looked at me and asked if I felt a bit over dressed. Well, you don’t have to ask me twice. I stand up and remember I have the spit ball in my pocket, so I don’t want to seem like jerk pilling out a spitball, but I really don’t like the idea of just dropping my pants and hoping for the best. I was going to excuse myself the bathroom to disarm and disrobe, Len just looked at me and said just unload it and put it on the counter of the bar. Mental note how the fuck did he know!!!! I quickly remove the spit ball and unload it drop my clothes and went back to see what was going on.

Now I couldn’t have been more than 90 seconds total, but the scene has changed DRASTICALLY, Jan is on all four her big tits hanging down and I swear her nipples are so hard they are dragging under her. Len has taken the front position sitting on the ledge of the fireplace his cock right at mouth height. Jan’s is doing what she loves too, and I can see he is down her throat and his balls are on her chin.
I notice for the first time a side table I had not noticed before is now open and it looks like a well-designed arsenal, now I love firearms and would have been proud to have a such a well-organized fun safe for my handtoys! But this this was over the fucking top it was you guessed it a dildo safe. Everything from small ass types to a king dong that looked like it was cast from a fucking !

Alicia is bent over her mouth firmly attached to Jan’s rosebud and sucking like her life was depending on this, I stood watching for a few as this was one of the hottest things I had had to date. AS the sucking of ass stopped, I see Alicia straighten up and realize she has a good-sized strap on attached and plans on fucking Jan at some point. Len is sea sawing down her throat like a in a park. He seemed to really be enjoying her talents as a cocksucker, this one knows how to suck a dick like no other I have ever found. When she gets the shaft all the way in, she opens her mouth enough to get her tongue under your balls and blow your mind. As I walk closer, I can see they have her on the towels already. Alicia looks at me and asks if I want some too, well I was happy right now just seeing this ravishing of my partner play out in front of me I wave her off and just go sit down.

Len is speeding up his fucking of Jan’s mouth and I can sense that he is going to blow soon, knowing this slut of mine I know how happy a load of cream in her mouth will make her and how fired up this one act will make her. Once this one gets one load of cum she wants as many as she can get, and now its cream male or female she is so hooked!!! Well Len starts to huff now, and you can see he has a firm hold of the head he is fucking, on the opposite end this guy’s wife is now fingering her asshole with three fingers and licking and spitting up as much lube as she can. Now some of you may be kind of put off after all this couple is ravaging my girlfriend like they own her. But I know her secret this is what she wants, she feels safe with me there and knows I will put a stop to it if it becomes something more. She doesn’t like pain that includes spanking her ass or biting her nipples but hard and slutty is her wheelhouse.

Len finally let’s lose with the cum Jan has been working hard for, he dumps his load into her mouth, and she pulls back to catch a few thick streams to her pretty face. Her smile tells me I was again right and let her enjoy this fucking so far. Alicia rolls her over on her back leans down and licks some of lens cum from her face. At that same time she drills that dildo into a soaking wet wide-open pussy that sucks it in as much as takes it. Now Len comes and sits next to me tired spent but with this show what else can a guy do. I watch intently as Alicia and Jan fuck, kiss and fondle each other. This is such a hot sight to see two women fucking like they been lovers forever. And Knowing before this night is over I will have the chance to deposit my cum on in or both to them.

As I watch the porn movie in front of me I begin to stroke my cock with the idea of a load on Jan’s face for them both to enjoy, I lean back and close my eyes for a second just letting what my eyes are taking in burn deep into my memory. Just as I am thinking it’s time for the next mental pic, I feel a warm mouth close around the head of my cock, opening my eyes I see that Len is the one now giving me head, what a great party host he is!!! He is an expert cocksucker and loves to fondle and suck my sack and finger my ass. That feels so good to have the old prostrate played with for fun. I just lie my head back again and close my eyes so I can concentrate on this great blowjob. As Lens is doing his best, I realize I don’t hear the girls fucking any more. I open my eyes again to see the girls are now next to Len watching him suck cock and playing with each other. Jan sees me watching smiles at me winks and drops over sucking a tit into her sticky mouth. Alicia lets her suck a bit then pulls off and tells her to relax she is next!!! With that she positions herself behind Len and targets his ass hole for a good fucking. Jan scampers up next to me and whispers to me I want to fuck you too.
Well, that put me over the edge and I dump a load into Len’s mouth he takes every drop then Alicia leans in and they snowball my shot. Now Jan is right there to lick up anything that drops. Well, this went on all night and into the early morning. Not one hole on any person was spared cum was shared and we managed to get a few morsels of food.
I barley had the energy to drive us home. We separated knowing we would be attending any parties we could and the after parties where a must.

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