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Part 6A Olympic Special
Posted:Jul 27, 2021 3:52 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2022 2:54 pm
I am jumping ahead for an OLYMPIC Special, I will get back to our ongoing story of awaking and expanding sexual activity in my next installment. This supplemental TRUE story has an Olympic background. The year is 2006 the winter gams have started in Turin Italy. Jan and I have been married now for about three years but have been doing LIVE Cam shows for the past 5 years or so. We have a set up in the house for this purpose and the shows are limited to when the are at the other parents’ house or out of the house overnight. We met some great people doing this across the country.
We found our shows were just as big a turn on for us as we had doing the cubs back in Kansas City, but now that we have been moved across the state to Cape Girardeau, we hadn’t yet met many new people and the few we did really didn’t fit us well. Not to be snobbish but we had experience with some outrageously sexy people and now it was a lot of vanilla sex and in some cases some strange people. But the Live cam allowed for people to let their hair down and hide behind their keyboards.
Well one of the people we found was Kent he was a 35-year-old guy that was as bi as could be ever since the first bi experience Jan had seen with Len, she has been asking for more. After all guys for most of the ladies to see two guys is as much a turn on as seeing to women. Kent had been a regular on the local chat room and had gone out and got a web cam to participate. So to me he had shown at least some level of truthfulness as he liked to actually participate not just be a voyeur.
We also had a regular couple that had begun to not only meet us for online dates as a couple but both of them had caught one or the other of us online and wanted to play solo. Now I must tell you that when Jan and I met and initially talked about sex, I had explained to her my theory that the mind is the biggest and most sensitive sex organ of the body. Being as Jan and I had phone sex many times when we couldn’t be together.
Jan and I looked forward to our hi-tech get togethers but of course it was a poor second place to physical contact. During one of these sessions, we met Kent he lived close by only a 40-minute drive, had a nice-looking cock and ass. He liked to show them and was a definite sub.
Now Jan had always been a bit submissive to me and I told her I wouldn’t use her tendency to my advantage. I knew after our first meeting I was destined to be with her for life. I wanted to build this woman up. Much of her sexual experience had been her allowing other to dominate and control now I wanted her to have some power. Kent was going to be her sub.
I worked this guy and found he was married and scared of his wife; seems it might have been a forced cuck relationship as he complained about having to service her but not being satisfied sexually. She per his comments would call him a pussy and tell him all he was worth was a tongue to please her. She would go out on dates or come home late from her job at the mall selling cosmetics. Now I’m not Mensa material my writing will tell you that but I’m not stupid either. This woman was out fucking around and bringing her cream pies home for his services in cleaning her up.
To me this is life was absolutely okay if it benefited them both. Kent stated he wanted more, he wanted to at least be able to cum or every so often be a man and maybe fuck a pussy. Well, I was jonesing for some fresh meat and maybe some DOM/sub fun. And I could begin to teach Jan another side of sexuality she might enjoy.
So we set up the meeting for a Monday night, his wife would be at work till 9 pm then I’m sure had a late meeting but it would give us a few hour to get to know each other.
We would meet him at his place, after all I wanted him to have a good memory in his dungeon, Jan and I had all the home so she told them it was a retirement meeting at a financial advisor office and to sell this we took the finance files and my laptop I had a pretty big backpack I used ant he knew I kept a complete change of clothes in it in case my work forced me to change. Well the night before I had put my change in the trunk and Jan packed her clothes for the night. No one was the wiser.
Fed the and by 630 on the road being as its February its already dark and plenty cold out. We made on stop at a trucker’s rest stop to allow her to change. Red Halter top wit ha built in shelf bra. Nice black fishnet stocking with red garter belt, pink crotchless panties and black skirt that ended just 6 inches off her ass, a pair of red 6 inch heals completed the look. SHE WAS STUNNING!!!!!! Her reddish-brown hair perfectly framed her Irish skin and flawless makeup was very tastefully applied. OH HOW I LOVE MY PORN QUEEN!!!!!!
We got to his place Jan had a full-length car coat on and looked like a movie star. I had my good jeans on and went commando, maroon collard poly and my best look bitch your mine demeanor.
Kent opened the door and actually stepped back when this sight greeted him. I think he was surprised we had actually showed up. I stepped in and his eyes washed over my body and lingered for a long time at the bulge in my pants. Jan had stepped in and was behind him and had taken off her coat. He was still looking at my cock when I pointed to her, HE turned and got a look at the stunning site. Her nipples must have been and inch and a half long as she caught a chill walking up to his place.
Now please understand, Jan is not normally like this this is still part of the ongoing training to get her to understand that being a slut is not only okay with me I want her like this if this is her desire. She has come a long way from the buttoned-up women I met in a church basement.
He was just stunned what he had in his apartment, he apologized because he had been sitting on the couch watching the winter games. I asked what he was watching and found out it was women’s speed skating, I told him to relax we had been through this before and not to turn it off just turn down the volume. Jan and I sat down and I put my arm around her and began to pull on her nipple through her top.
Kent was unsure what to do so I decided not to wait till Jan decided to take control, I had talked to her at length on the trip over on how to control him. I looked at him a said as a good host you should have asked if we would like drink, as a good sub you would be asking in an apron and nothing else!!! He dropped his eyes from Jan’s body, and looked at the ground he mumbled and weak apology. I stood up and hissed into his face you’re my toy you will obey, or we walk! HE stopped and asked permission to go prepare for us I told him he had better be back quickly because if I get bored, we are gone.
He left the room and returned in short order he was wearing a black apron that covered his chest and cock it was very clear he was excited. HE held a tray with water and two glasses, he stammered he would have coffee for me if I desired it. His eyes remand on the floor I told him to sit on the floor and cross his legs in front of him he could now look at us. This seemed to bring him great joy as he could feast on Jan’s body and my cock. He sat down crossed his legs and adjusted his cock. I asked him to tell us the last time he had to service his wife, now this was a calculated risk I didn’t want to bring him down but I wanted him to understand we brought release and happiness if he wanted it.
He began to tell us of last night his wife Kim had returned late again from work by over an hour. Now I need to tell you the closest mall to his place was an hour away. So, it’s pretty apparent that something is going on. He told of a bitter person that walked in was angry he had not yet put away the few dishes from his dinner alone. She told him to make her a drink and sat down she complained that her feet hurt and need a foot rub. Now Kent tells us he can smell she had had sex as he rubs her feet, he knows the next thing will be she tells him she wants a back rub and will pull his face into her ass and cunt at some point. And once she is done, he on his own.
I ask him if that is enough for him, and he says he loves her but would like more. With that I have Jan remove her top and let her tits fall free for his eyes to behold. As He is sitting with his legs crossed, he immediately gets a raging hard on. I tell him to stand up and remove his apron, he is standing nude in front of us. Nice hard 30-year-old body with a decent set of balls. Boy how I wish we had digital cameras then. He turns to show a firm high school like ass, and we notice he is other then the hair on his head he has no other hair on his body. Now I can see the lust in Jan’s eyes, and I am getting a pretty good hardon and see some precum leaking through my jeans. I tell Jan to take over and she panics not ever having been in direct control. I stop her and ask her what she wants, she told me exactly what I knew she would she wants to taste this guy. Okay the new are going to do this my way. I pull out my cock and see this guy’s eyes start to glaze over he wants it, I tell him to blow me and Jan to sit on the floor between my legs and blow him. He goes to work on my cock like a pro and is bobbing up and down like a fishing bobber on a stormy lake. Jan is sitting under him sucking him down her throat and clutching his ass cheeks for all she is worth. I let this go on for a bit and then ask him if he is ready to be a fuck toy.
Kent lifts his head from my cock and a long stream of his spit and my precum flows him up till the string breaks and runs down his chest. He nods his head yes and smiles for the second time of the night. I tell Jan to let go of his cock and lick his ass to prep him she slides out from under him and plants her pretty face into Kent’s tight boy ass and begins to tongue his asshole making him squirm. He has a look of total ecstasy on his face he is finally the center of attention, and he loves it.
I turn him around and have him sit on my cock he is tight but willing as hell, my precum is flowing heavy sop we have a good amount of lube and my cock finally pops into his boy pussy. He moans and is leaning forward on my knees as he slowly accepts me in his fun hole. Slowly we develop a rhythm and I pull his shoulders back to gain maximum depth. Jan has been watching this with her fingers in her own pussy seeing Kent pulled back and his legs over mine she sees her chance to suck his balls and suck his cock, well all of this is getting to be too much for this poor guy he has been mistreated for so long he pops off all over JAns face tits and Hair. He seemed to cum in buckets she was soaked in his cum and had sucked down at least a mouth full of his cum too. He was still hard and not rally sifting due to the stimulus on his prostrate. Jan wants a cock in her too, so she finally takes control and says in a bold voice “I WANT YOU BOTH IN ME NOW!!!!” Well I pull out of Kent’s hole and lie down on the floor Jan comes and slides my cock into her ass with little trouble seems since I have been fucking this ass for years it knows I belong in it. Kent almost pushes her over to get into her pussy, he seems like a starving man given a steak dinner. As he is fucking her, he is licking his cum from her tits and face. We all keep fucking till I nut in her ass. Kent states he not going to cum again and just want to clean us up, well now he is being a good host he cleans us off like a licking up the last of the ice cream in a bowl. He expertly sucks Jan’s asshole and cleans me from ass to tip of my cock. We all got dressed and said our goodbyes with a promise to meet again for another session. Jan and I leave and just as I pull out onto the main road, I see a car with a single young woman coming in the other direction. I watch this car turn into the same complex we had just left.

A few days later I got an email from Kent thanking us but telling us he had found his spine and told her off that night. She had demanded her normal treatment and he just told her no. He said they are trying to work thing out as she told him of her lover and how no one wanted him. He told her he had been the sandwich filling for us and then fucked this gorgeous woman as her husband fucked her ass. He then told me how she didn’t believe him so he did the only thing he could to prove it and dumped some of my cum from his ass, then he told her to clean him. He tried she told him no she was Dominant one!
This admission apparently turned her on and she wanted her boyfriend to join them. He explained she saw a car pull out of their complex and saw a middle-aged couple in it. So, she now figured he might have some value to her. I lost a toy. And the games well the Canadian Women won gold the US didn’t get near the podium. But Jan and I had won GOLD AGAIN.

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Part 6 The Clubs
Posted:Jul 26, 2021 10:22 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2021 4:44 am

Well after Coach Diane left it became clear she liked one-night hookups and no more. But I had this sexy hot lady that had found another new thing to be distracted by SHE LOVED EATING PUSSY. So, I’m on the hunt to meet new people and get this lady her wants. Now again let me remind you is this is the late 90s the Internet is nothing like what it is today nor are cell phones or any other ways of communicating it's mainly chat rooms and bulletin boards.

I started looking on the Internet to find people with the same desire we are looking for. I found a suburban sex club that held hotel parties. Now this might work, I contacted them and got a response back in a hurry. The guy introduced himself as Len and his wife was Alisha, I explained to this total stranger what was going on and that due to type of work we both did how a club setting may not be good for us. Just like on this site he reminded me if we run into people, we know we can ask them the same question what are you doing here? But he also told me he and the wife have a rule to meet the new people prior to an actual party to make sure we are on the up and up. We setup the meeting at a local dinner, we arrived about ten minutes early and damned if they were not already there.

Len had told me to look for a larger guy and a sexy blond, he also told me what jacket he would be wearing. Once we walk in, I see another stunning lady long platinum blond hair on a lean 5’6” frame very well-placed tits about a C/D 38 or so. A very nice expanse of cleavage gave way to a pleated skirt ending mid-thigh. Her makeup was not overbearing and tasteful on a very attractive olive-skinned face. All in all, I would have been happy to do this little morsel.

Now Len stood at least 6’6” with a little heavy build not fat by any means but you know he didn’t miss many meals. He was a pleasant man and to my relief when he saw Jan he didn’t leer or focus solely on her tits. But knew how to talk to a woman like a person not a walking target. Refreshing so far. We all sat down and ordered rinks and dinner, lots of this and that small talk for most of the night.

Once we are all done eating as is the case most time the ladies excused themselves to the rest room, Len took this chance to tell me he and Alicia don’t play at the parties because as host and the folks collecting the fee for the evening it could be considered , but he an Alicia do just have friends over for couples play. I asked him how many people show up and do you have to share your partner. He assured me that play and others are a personal decision no one will be forced to do anything. Said that it usually had about 30 couples and maybe 5 single women and 20 or so single guys. No to keep things more upscale the fees where a bit steep.
Couple M/F 45 for the night.
Single Male 75 Single Ladies Free Same sex couples regardless of sex 30.
By now the ladies have returned from the restroom and I can see a distinct flushing to Jan’s face she sits down and slides her chair closer to Alicia, she smiles that cute you’re not going to believe this smile at me and licks her middle finger seductively, Alicia kiss Len cheek and drops her hand below the table. Len smiles and ask if we would like to maybe go back to there place for another round. Jan smiles at me and then leans over and kisses Alicia’s cheek.

We pay the bill and follow them to their home. Nice place in a good neighborhood. I know as we walk in, I will be seeing this place in daylight tomorrow. The trip to their home took about 20 minutes, no sooner I got in the car Jan began to tell me about the restroom trip. Her face was flushed due to the fact her pussy got fingered by this lust blond we had just met. Our newfound friends had showed up early to check out the place. Seems Alicia had found the ladies room was rather smallish, but it did have the one thing she wanted. THE DOOR WAS LOCKABLE! Once Jan had entered this small room Alicia locked the door and planted a full open mouth kiss on Jan’s stunned face. Remember this is only a few months since her first experience with another woman.

As Alicia kissed Jan, she reached under her skirt pulled her panties to one side and found her hole wet already with a directness Jan’ had only seen from men this woman stuck a finger in her pussy had her thumb on her clit and was stretching to get her asshole too. Well Jan just melted into this this ladies’ clutches and kissed her firmly as she reached under Alicia’s skirt to find her ready to go no panties and a small butterfly type vibrator on her clit! Unfortunately, someone else had to use the bathroom and knocked on the door. This stopped the girls in their track so turn on the water act like a hand wash and unlock the door.

This might have a lot of potential. It’s just after New years and I know I will be leaving to the new home in July, so I plan on making the most of this. As we pull into the driveway of their home Len points for me to pull into the garage open stall next to him, now not being the most trusting of people I decline and leave the Van outside just in case I need to get us out of there. This action of inviting me into the garage seemed a bit out of the ordinary. So just to be safe I slip my small spit ball auto into my pocket. Jump out and tell him I going to leave it outside because it may not fit as it is a high top. With that he invites us into the house.

Now I can write for paragraphs to set up the next hour of so of coffee and wine but let’s just get to where we all want to go. The Ladies are sitting together on a couch in front of a large roaring wood burning fireplace Len and I are sitting on bar stools talking about the club and how it is running something this large. Suddenly we stop hearing them talk and look over to see them in a hot kiss slowly striping each other.

Alicia tells Jan she can’t wait to taste her directly this time and with that drop to her knees and starts to feed on Jan’s sopping wet cunt. Len looks at me and ask if I want to get closer, he and I go sit on the same couch the girls where on as they are on the rug in front of the fire now Alicia pulls her head out from the y she has been feasting at and smiles at us both stands up a just seems to shake off the rest of her clothes. Jan not to be out done pretty much just rips what is left on her body off. NO w Jan being the least experienced one id putty in this Goddess den of debauchery. She slows down Jan’s frantic desire and tells her for all of us to hear that she intends on making her squirt and will take all night to do it.

She turns Jan around, so her face is towards the fireplace and press her shoulders down to a kneeling position, Wit that Len stands up and excuses himself to another room. Alicia is now running her fingers up and down Jan’s ass crack stopping to tease her asshole then running it back up to the small of her back. At the same time, she is using her free hand to hold one of Jan’s tits to her moth to suckle on her hard nipples. This temptress is now ignoring Jan’s pussy and stimulating every other nerve in her now wildly gyrating body.

As I am m sitting on the couch only six to eight feet away, I can not only see both women’s wetness but the unmistakable fragrance of a pussy needing attention is now filling the room. Len shows back up and he is decidedly different, he has a wedge pillow, a few large beach style towels and a LARGE HARDON. The man is naked as well!! Being that I am short in stature this guy had me in every way but remarkable your cock where about the same.

Len looked at me and asked if I felt a bit over dressed. Well, you don’t have to ask me twice. I stand up and remember I have the spit ball in my pocket, so I don’t want to seem like jerk pilling out a spitball, but I really don’t like the idea of just dropping my pants and hoping for the best. I was going to excuse myself the bathroom to disarm and disrobe, Len just looked at me and said just unload it and put it on the counter of the bar. Mental note how the fuck did he know!!!! I quickly remove the spit ball and unload it drop my clothes and went back to see what was going on.

Now I couldn’t have been more than 90 seconds total, but the scene has changed DRASTICALLY, Jan is on all four her big tits hanging down and I swear her nipples are so hard they are dragging under her. Len has taken the front position sitting on the ledge of the fireplace his cock right at mouth height. Jan’s is doing what she loves too, and I can see he is down her throat and his balls are on her chin.
I notice for the first time a side table I had not noticed before is now open and it looks like a well-designed arsenal, now I love firearms and would have been proud to have a such a well-organized fun safe for my handtoys! But this this was over the fucking top it was you guessed it a dildo safe. Everything from small ass types to a king dong that looked like it was cast from a fucking !

Alicia is bent over her mouth firmly attached to Jan’s rosebud and sucking like her life was depending on this, I stood watching for a few as this was one of the hottest things I had had to date. AS the sucking of ass stopped, I see Alicia straighten up and realize she has a good-sized strap on attached and plans on fucking Jan at some point. Len is sea sawing down her throat like a in a park. He seemed to really be enjoying her talents as a cocksucker, this one knows how to suck a dick like no other I have ever found. When she gets the shaft all the way in, she opens her mouth enough to get her tongue under your balls and blow your mind. As I walk closer, I can see they have her on the towels already. Alicia looks at me and asks if I want some too, well I was happy right now just seeing this ravishing of my partner play out in front of me I wave her off and just go sit down.

Len is speeding up his fucking of Jan’s mouth and I can sense that he is going to blow soon, knowing this slut of mine I know how happy a load of cream in her mouth will make her and how fired up this one act will make her. Once this one gets one load of cum she wants as many as she can get, and now its cream male or female she is so hooked!!! Well Len starts to huff now, and you can see he has a firm hold of the head he is fucking, on the opposite end this guy’s wife is now fingering her asshole with three fingers and licking and spitting up as much lube as she can. Now some of you may be kind of put off after all this couple is ravaging my girlfriend like they own her. But I know her secret this is what she wants, she feels safe with me there and knows I will put a stop to it if it becomes something more. She doesn’t like pain that includes spanking her ass or biting her nipples but hard and slutty is her wheelhouse.

Len finally let’s lose with the cum Jan has been working hard for, he dumps his load into her mouth, and she pulls back to catch a few thick streams to her pretty face. Her smile tells me I was again right and let her enjoy this fucking so far. Alicia rolls her over on her back leans down and licks some of lens cum from her face. At that same time she drills that dildo into a soaking wet wide-open pussy that sucks it in as much as takes it. Now Len comes and sits next to me tired spent but with this show what else can a guy do. I watch intently as Alicia and Jan fuck, kiss and fondle each other. This is such a hot sight to see two women fucking like they been lovers forever. And Knowing before this night is over I will have the chance to deposit my cum on in or both to them.

As I watch the porn movie in front of me I begin to stroke my cock with the idea of a load on Jan’s face for them both to enjoy, I lean back and close my eyes for a second just letting what my eyes are taking in burn deep into my memory. Just as I am thinking it’s time for the next mental pic, I feel a warm mouth close around the head of my cock, opening my eyes I see that Len is the one now giving me head, what a great party host he is!!! He is an expert cocksucker and loves to fondle and suck my sack and finger my ass. That feels so good to have the old prostrate played with for fun. I just lie my head back again and close my eyes so I can concentrate on this great blowjob. As Lens is doing his best, I realize I don’t hear the girls fucking any more. I open my eyes again to see the girls are now next to Len watching him suck cock and playing with each other. Jan sees me watching smiles at me winks and drops over sucking a tit into her sticky mouth. Alicia lets her suck a bit then pulls off and tells her to relax she is next!!! With that she positions herself behind Len and targets his ass hole for a good fucking. Jan scampers up next to me and whispers to me I want to fuck you too.
Well, that put me over the edge and I dump a load into Len’s mouth he takes every drop then Alicia leans in and they snowball my shot. Now Jan is right there to lick up anything that drops. Well, this went on all night and into the early morning. Not one hole on any person was spared cum was shared and we managed to get a few morsels of food.
I barley had the energy to drive us home. We separated knowing we would be attending any parties we could and the after parties where a must.

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Part 7
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Posted:Jul 22, 2021 7:54 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2022 2:54 pm


As I back the van into the driveway I can see my other fantasy Ruth is home, I would really like to go knock on her door and aske her to join in but I see her boyfriends there. Oh well. Now I must tell you Jans house is impeccably clean and very attractively decorated. Just like the women it shouts class and quality. I backed in because my two lovely sluts are both naked and rolling around on the cool carpet of the van. I open the door and coral the Great Dane that is running around the house he is a big baby and will not leave Diane alone so he’s in the basement for the night.
I get few of the indoor lights on and the outdoor lights off its below freezing in our state this time of year so I know how the girls will warm up. They both break free of each other’s tits and run into the house. I nice huge pair of 44 DDD tits and an equally great pair of 36 B/C cups . Two completely shaved dripping pussies and those asses! Once inside we all just sort of look at one another and share a group hug, as predicted the ladies say they are a bit cold, I suggest we go to the den, Few Windows and a fireplace Jan immediately starts turning from slut to hostess, offering Diane food or drink show her the bathroom and so on. Diane knows what happing and decides to stop it right now . She walks over to Jan wraps her arms around her and sticks her tongue into Jan’s mouth stifling her talk. Breaks the kiss and say”when I want more then this I will let you know”! I have been starting the fire and closing blinds turn to see this site in the fireplace light and think OH WHAT A NIGHT.
In this room there are two oversized overstuffed recliners, I have fallen asleep in both of these chairs and can tell you these are more like adjustable beds then chairs. Jan and Diane have dropped the blankets they had been wearing and are now kissing and grouping in the chair to the right of the fire. I set the flame control on the fire at the same level as my own HIGH ROARING , This dumps not only a lot of warmth into the room but ample light as well, I can clearly see dripping pussies with fingers shining in the light as if it where a porn movie. They are now locked into a hot full kiss and each one is fingering the other both go of them where soaking wet and Jan asked for a towel to protect the fabric on the chair. I head to the bathroom to get it only to return to see they have moved again to the floor in front of the hearth. Now in a 69 and oblivious to me walking in.
Diane has Jan on her back and is bent over her focused on eating that dripping Hole. Jan is a very deep-set clit and Diane’s is sucking for all she is worth holding those sweet lips wide open I can see into that honey pot every time Diane resets her angle of attack on that more than willing pussy. As For Jan she is sucking are about once ever 90 seconds not wanting to separate her mouth from that hairless dripping hole with a very prominent 1.5 inch long clit sticking out like a very proud cock from those lips that open like a willing flower with just the lightest touch. In the light of the fire I can also clearly see the puckered rosebud of Diane’s clenching and releasing with Jans tongue working on her clit and sucking every drop out of her hole.
I know we are in no rush and just contemplate sitting down to watch this show for just a second or two. I take off my clothes and see my cock looking bigger then I think I have ever seen it before. I walk up to the girls and simply state I need some!! With that I lean over and begin to eat that cute rosebud of an assholes Diane been showing me so proudly.
As my tongue works her ass she arches her back and looks back at me. Her face glistened in the light cover in sweet juice. This women was a full fledge pussy lapping machine she is enjoying all the attention she been getting from us both. Jan with this little slow down reaches back to me and gets hold of my aching cock. She gently pulls on me not stroking more of a leading type of action. I pull my hips forward and feel that silky hand cup my full balls and begin to massage them. After a bit she again seems to be pulling me to move up a bit, I oblige her expecting to feel her lips and tongue on me cock and I anticipate how great it going to feel. But my little slut had another idea and pop in goes her finger into my ass. Now I know most of the guys I have ever met are like OH NO MY ASS IS EXIT ONLY. And I know for my old days back in the military a finger in your ass can be unpleasant. But his slim digit knew just what it had to fo and begin to stimulate my prostrate like a pro. I lose sight of my job with this feeling of overwhelming pleasure till Diane wiggles her ass in my face. I just want to never let this end , my tongue slid up her ass just as far as I can get it. Well all of this had two of us ready to cum, Diane let lose first and I swear she literally shot cum from her cunt like a she had filled it with water! The amount oc cum was stunning Jan’s face and hair were dripping. A small pool of cum was trapped on Jans tits and cleavage! This sight pushed me over the edge and I shot a load of cum to ad to the mess on Jan.
Well now we had to shower all of us need to but that shower was a normal one and only the girls would fit in there together I sat on the bowl just watching this sight in amazement.
Once I jumped in the shower the girls would just both kissed me and said they would be waiting for me by the fire. I jumped in it felt so good to just relax I spent maybe 5 min letting the water run over my head and down my back. Once I got out I Found them in the den as promised but something had changed, a hardback chair from the dinning room had made its way into this den of sexual fulfillment? Diane looks at me as I walk in giggles and said we started without you! Now they are both standing there naked started what?? Diane turns to Jan and gently kisses her mouth as she cups both of Jans huge tits. Jan body seems to go limp and she drops into the chair, Jan shifts her hips to the front fem inches of the chair. Her pussy and ass are now fully exposed and open for all Diane slowly drops to her knees in front of Jan she takes both of Jans legs and puts them on her shoulders, with out looking at me she says I am going to get her to squirt in my face like did to her. I am going to need you to take care of my needs! With that she drops her head into Jans lap and brings one hand up under her ass to play and finger both eager holes. I just took my position behind Diane and for the first time this night slid my cock balls deep into a sopping wet hole.
This was the remainder of the night Fuck, Suck Cum wash repeat, over the course of night I was able to fuck both gorgeous sluts and deposited light and lighter loads into every hole. I was fingered and licked on my asshole and my cock was so raw by the end of this night it took a few days not to wince just trying to take a piss. I figured I was this would have been a ongoing thing. But learned in the world of swinging sex one night stands and BS would be the norm. I will take it but want so much more. In the morning like a vampire she got up got dressed thanked us for a great night and asked I take her to go get her car. Jan and I offerd to spend the day with her but she had plans and just need to get going okay?? Well its 730 AM I get dress and Jan is trying to Diane announces she need to leave now. So Jan walks over and goes to kis her and she turns her cheek to Jan, IM stunned we get in the van and drive off to a confused Jan at home. Little was spoken during the drive to her car seemed to me we had been used for a great time but this was and end. I pulled up to her car she smiles at me and says thanks for the ride and the night, “You guys were great thanks” kiss on the cheek and out she goes. Last we will see of this one. But what the hell I guess ?

Next Part 6 The Hotel parties HAPPY NUDE YEAR!!!!
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Part 4 Jan and the Coach
Posted:Jul 21, 2021 2:44 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2022 2:54 pm

Here we are Jan and I have been an item for the past 6 months, the sex is getting better and better. In Fact we have decided to move into one home and sell the other, partly because we wanted to and partly because we knew my job would have me moving from the are we both lived in to some 500 miles away. Our thought was lets get just as much of each other as we can in the time we have. So my and I have moved in with her and her .
We discussed it all including keeping things clean when the where home with us and completely opposite when they are at the others house at the same time. So dinners and bed times where always a time of gathering and family. Once the are in bed Jan would go to her room and I would get settled in in my living room coach. All of the were in bedrooms and being the ages varied from High school to kindergarten doors most be closed and most of the older wanted nothing to do with us so it became clear after “bedtime” no one would be tooling around the house.
About a month had past and it was settling into a really great routine, All the sex we could stuff into a weekend or evening, this sex would range from “normal” fucking and sucking to no holes bared exploration to include internet porn and chat rooms to much talk about past endeavor’s and future wants.
It was during this rapid process I figured I had better come clean if I was going to get Jan into bed with others. One night as she was getting her now nightly fuck sitting on my lap in the dark I told her I had sucked cock and not only enjoyed it but at times missed a stiff dick. She came in gallons as I told her stories of high school dates with the local girls, getting prick teased for hours then finding my cock buddy after the dates so we could take care of each other. She was hooked and wanted me to tell her in increasing detail, Did you suck him? Did he suck you? Did you guys fuck? How about cum did you both cum, were did you cum, How often and on and on and on her questions got her so wet we had now started to ass fuck at least once a session and I would usually cum in her ass.
Soon I was holding back a little and started to ask my own questions. Jan was no longer hesitant to tell me all I wanted to know. Through this process I found out about her high school gangbangs, her locker room and indoor track fucking and blowjobs, her black cock and, her desire to eat out a pussy but not just any pussy her own sister!!!! Now calm down she never did it but used to lie in her bed an finger fuck herself and daydream about lapping her sisters snatch.
Soon enough on our long weekends without the we had met a couple of online folks that peaked our interest. Being as it the Midwest and just weeks from Thanksgiving we knew how the next few weeks with the schedule would be well in advance. Time to set up some meetings first up the Coach!!
I set up a Friday night meeting with Coach Diane for a meet and great and dinner. We met and found a pretty plane looking lady, she sure was not putting out her best look at first, but we decided to go ahead and see what might happen. Diane was truly a soccer coach and had a an athletic body. Very tight in all the right places . Small but rock hard tits and an ass a drill sergeant could bounce a quarter off of.
Well dinner turned out to be a lot of nervous giggling and a lot of lust as the girls copping feels from each other in the booth of the restaurant they both kept within a few inches of each other, and I knew that the hands below the table where exploring each other as both wore skirts with no panties. I figured it was just a little play till Jan told me she had a special treat for me and stuck a very wet finger into my mouth, not a taste I knew THIS WAS DIANE’S Juice. Diane was busy licking Jan off her own fingers!!!! What the fuck am I doing sitting here!! Check Please
We decide instead of a conventional room we knew of a hot tub hotel off we go!!! Once we in the “Room” we got busy in one hell of a hurry IT was a 6 person tub in a wood deck room with a shower and bathroom. Once the door closed, I turned on some music turned around to see the girls already clenching in a very passionate full open mouth kiss! I was instantly hard and dripping precum all over myself. I stripped off my clothes and jumped into the tube to watch this scene in front of me. The Ladies gently removed each piece of clothing from each other and explored the newly naked flesh as exposed.
Tops off Diane in a sports bra type of garment Jan 44 DDD bra holding back what was Diane’s center of attention (or so I thought) , Bras off Hard nipples in a warm humid room this is not a cold issue. Skirts off and here we go right. Just like Paradise from the dashboard lights they both stopped and tuned to me and said now what!!!!!!!! I wanted to cry you must be fucking me!! Don’t you dare stop now eat each other finger DO SOMETHING!!!. Nope they both just put their hair up and then climb into the hot tub.
Well if you have ever had a dream this close and where not yet positive how it was going to turn out I can tell you, though it is exciting and your heart will be pounding your also concerned that it could maybe not happen?
Both of the girls are in the hot tub with me Jan snuggles up to me and tells me to relax but Diane is sitting apart from us but seems distracted maybe even put off. HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPING TO ME!!! Two sexy women naked they have tasted each other off fingers sucked and tweaked nipples, striped and stopped just short of eating pussy now they are on opposite ends of the damn tub and its looking like it may not happen. Well SHIT so if I push it I know it’s not going end well I may as well settle in right.
Lets get to know each other is Diane’s opening line, Sure lets fucking talk. We talked about !! than it was divorces, all subjects discussed online and at dinner I can’t believe this! About ten minuets into this discussions the Hot tub jets click off, Jan is sitting next to the controls and she says she will take care of it. Okay I’m sitting in my desire and thinking I wanted to just stand up stick my dick out and remind them why we where here. As Jan leans over the side of the tub to get to the jet control Her gorgeous wet ass is fully exposed from the water. That ass I have had as dinner and fucked like it was my last piece, That ass that I knew could be worth millions if this women was to want to sell access to it. That ASS!!!! THAT DIANE HAS SPREAD OPEN AND HAS HER FACE BURIED INTO IT!!!!!! FUCKING RIGHT GAME ON!!!!
Diane spend the next several minutes licking and sucking Jans asshole like an expert, her finger working her holes with abandon, and all I can hear is gasping breath and moans of joy from both girls. I damn rear exploded right then! Seems I have been played a bit. The Diane separates her mouth from Jan’s ass and they both turn to look at me, they both begin to laugh I’m sure I looked like the who saw his first naked women. They told me that when they excused themselves at dinner to go the ladies room, they had hatched this plan to surprise me. But I was told now to just sit back and let them explore their only request was not to play with myself or cum yet. Well we had this room for another three hours they closed at 1 am. So I agreed to the request (not that I had any other option). So they proceed to get out of the tub and lie down on the deck side by side Diane is actually nursing on Jan’s tits and she is holding her head in place with one hand and pulling Diane’s nipples just as hard as she can with the other.
This goes on for a few more moments till they switch and Jan sucks Diane’s tits like a hungry . Slowly they worked around to a 69 and begin to eat each other’s pussies.
As they eat each other the more open they got legs where as wide as could be and heads where held to clits and holes till the deck was covered in cum. I swear I was going to go crazy but dare not interrupt this. This was the damn sexiest thing I had ever been part of and as of now all I was the driver. Once they had recovered I got a great double blow job and sprayed cum over both of them as they kissed and licked it up. Just as I was trying to recover a bit I hear the intercom telling us checkout is in fifteens minutes WHAT IT CAN’T BE THAT TIME ALREADY could it. 4 Hours are gone and its time to go home.
Well first thing I can think of is I want more of this a lot more, So I tell Diane since she road to the hot tubs with us we should just leave her car at the restaurant and go back to our place to have the rest of the night together, she agreed but wanted her car with her. She also said she would like some coffee once we got home. I figured why have that much down time. So we stop at an all-night convenience store and get coffees and snacks we can really eat. The girls seem connected like never they cannot seem to do anything now without being in close proximity if not touching directly. The counter clerk gives me a large smile and knowing wink.
We gather up our things and head out to my van to go get Diane’s car, as we climb in Jan get in back with Diane and they begin to make out and feel each others bodies even before we move from the parking lot. My first though ids to go get the clerk and give him a night to remember. But the hell with him these are mine for now, and I am a greedy bastard!!! As I pull out to head to the restaurant I here a giggle from behind me and Jan’s bra flies over my head on to the dash board. I readjust the mirror to see jan sitting in the second row captains chair legs pulled up and Diane on her knees munching on her favorite snack of the night! I am supposed to drive like this right!!! I try my best to not kill us watching this seen and wanting so badly to join in. I figure since the parking lot should be dark and empty I might get some there. As I pull into the parking not the van rocks and I hear screams as the tumble ass over head seems im going just a bit fast. Oh well I apologize just to see them switching positions Jan on her knees completely naked ASS high in the air and a mouth full of Diane’s pussy she pulls back after a few moments of me watching face wet with juice and smiles at us and askes coyly if Diane needs her car that bad , the answer was Diane just pushing Jan’s face back into her snatch. Well I wanted some too so I go back and start yo lick and suck Jan’s asshole and dripping hole. Diane says to me if we can ever gat back to the house we can all fuck!!! Well I can go for that so off we go to the house
Rimtoosil at yahoo
Part three Jan and the BI Confesshion
Posted:Jul 21, 2021 2:43 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2022 2:54 pm

SO as we left of Jan and I had a great weekend of exploration. After a hot night after church group, (Read story #2) we took breakfast in the nude and discussed many alternative activities, I had a feeling there was a lot more to this lady then met the eye. We had a light breakfast and coffee, followed by another fantastic blowjob, she lived to suck dicks and swallow cum. During her work on making my balls wet I made the comment it would have been a great time for her neighbor Ruth to stop by.
Ruth was an extremely attractive older lady that was Jan’s best friend it seemed. This lady took good care of herself and was still very sexy she had us by maybe 15 years but did not show her age at all. Nice full tits no where as full as Jan’s DDD but a very respectful set of 36 D I would have figured. Pretty tight ass and nice and firm without droop. S0 yes at 40 I would have thrown a fuck into this girl with no second thoughts at all.
The more I got to know Jan the more I got to know Ruth it seemed. A lot of hours spent by these two ladies over the years discussing everything from to sex. Seemed no subject was off limits. So, it was no big surprise to fond out Ruth was also an expert cock sucker, no not firsthand unfortunately but through some detailed stories Jan told me! What the hell was I missing was this going to be my next FMF experience?
SO let me set the picture for you all, We are sitting in the living room IM on the couch with my cock hard and proud 6 ¾ inches and thick, my balls are full and very eager to let a flow go . Jan is on her knees like a good slut in front of me ass high in the air and slobbering all over my cock and now dripping wet balls . I laugh and say it would be a hell of a sight for Ruth is she where to come over. Jan stopped long enough to say if she did she would be joining me on this cock!!!!! REALLY Now where talking how am I going to get this going!!! SO I ask the next question;
ME: So if Ruth was next to you sucking my cock what are you going to be doing?
Her: looks me right in the eyes and says sucking her tits!!!!
ME: is that all you would do to her?
Her: not missing a beat at first yes, then maybe work a few fingers into her,” you know she likes to play”!
ME: really how do you know that?
Her: still stroking my cock and licking my balls, She told me”
ME: Would you eat her snatch?
Her: “never have done that, but have thought about it since high school”
ME: So you want to eat pussy??????
Her: I think I do

Now I have goal to work for I want theses two ladies in my bed and DAMN SOON. And speaking of soon I dump a huge load all over Jan’s smiling face and tits. This woman is my dream cum true she has fucked me for hours this past weekend and its only Saturday MORNING. I have had all her holes at least once each. Must have cum half a dozen times in the last 12 hours and she still is drawing loads out of me that have me weak after its done sporting 7 or 8 ropes of cum all over her.
As I am lying there thinking this must be a dream, I look down to see this gorgeous woman with her tongue lapping up the cum that has landed on my legs balls and is still oozing out of my cock. Then I see she has her other hand deep in her dripping pussy.
I catch my breath turn her around and attack her like a starving of the 70’s that just smoked a few bowls and found an all-night hamburger stand offering all you can eat. I know my poor cock is so spent I will not be dipping into her soon. So I figure let me eat these holes till she cums then nap time. But as I am feasting on her delicacies she is telling me how when she was in high school she was getting herself off thinking about going down on her friend!!!!!! Well DAMN I’m hooked I have to see this women eating a pussy.!!!!
My next move after we fucked again and finally both need a shower and nap was to figure out if Ruth was a true Bi player or just a cock sucker? How best to do this I guess ask the source. So, the very next chance I get to talk to Ruth I broach the subject of a threesome.
To my amazement Ruth tells me she and Jan have had this conversation before and how much she likes the idea!!! Well, being the gentleman I am I immediately offer my services for her enjoyment. Ruth tells me she would be willing, but her new boyfriend would get pissed and she really trying to make a go of this one. DAMN IT But hey it was a great fantasy for the time it lasted. Ruth leaned in an told me from what she knows Jan’s keeping me pretty tired but she was flattered I had asked. She also told me that if she got hold of my cock, she would suck it so long and hard her lips would be swollen so she cannot even lie about it. With that this Hot one kiss me fully and press her tits into my chest, she then reminds me I can look over the privacy fence that separates the yards from the bedroom on the corner of Jan’s home. She tells me weekends if his car is not there I should see if she is sunbathing, mostly topless but some times nude. Ruth whispers in my ear I have caught our girl watching me every so often.

So As we close this installment my mind is working overtime, I know have Jan working a few online people two guys and one women who calls herself Coach Diane. Now this is still the old days of AOL and you have mail, let see is we can have male and female.

Let me know what you think, I will remind those that got this far I’m not trying to wright for the art of writing, Just enjoy and tell me you do if that’s a true statement.

How it all started
Posted:Jul 18, 2021 6:19 pm
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2021 9:31 pm

As we left the fun last time Tom had just enjoyed Jan's body delectable body in a hotel room near our home. We all said goodbye and he hurriedly dressed and left. Now I assumed he was a decent guy and this was just him being uncomfortable after ponding my wife as i watched and video tapped and cumin hard in her face and filling her slutty mouth full. I would soon find out that he was a one and done type and really didn't want to be friends with us just get off on and in her.
Now let me give you all a bit of background on us, I know i had a very special hot women when we were dating back in the 90's and after our first fuck she decided I was going to be hers. Mind you I was in full agreement but taking it slowly as we both had had bad breakups recently.
So this one encounter I'm thinking of needs just a little setup. See Jan was a volunteer at the local church groups singles club. A friend asked me to join him at one of their meetings. Now I knew his real agenda was a women at this church group, I was not thrilled with this venue but hey he was a friend so i had his back. And no Jan was not the lady he wanted.
So off we go to this meeting lots of people trying to be what they thought others wanted. Me I just wanted to get over this and find my way home. As we did the mix and meet crap I found myself staring into the deepest hazel eyes I had ever seen. Now don't get me wrong the blond hair and the stunning face where noticed but those eyes where mesmerizing. Once I got hold of myself I took in the rest of this heavenly women.
She was so well put together, tasteful dresser not overbearing in her speech or how she carried a room. She didn't need to compete with any other women in the place she was stunning!!! AND THOSE TITS OH MY, I would um to find out that those baby feeders where 44 DDD or E if you cant find a DDD. WHAT they could feed a fucking army!!!!
Her hips had a prefect shape and the sweetest ass you could ever want. WHAT is the down side how could she be single !!! SO I started to talk to this goddess and found a voice of an angle and a personality to match. I figured out my issue I bet this vison is a prude. After all no way she could be all this and slutty too.
Well to prove me wrong in three weeks of dating we found ourselves in the church lot after a rainy very sparsely attended club night. We had taken my conversion van to the church as we had a shit load of food for the gathering. We took al of the food and put it at the back door of the basement and then proceeded to run back and forth to get it into the van. We were both completely drenched. After about three trips I told Jan to start the van and get the heat on, gave her the only dry towel i could find and I took off for the last food tray and lock up.
When I got back to the van I was STUNNED there on the back seat of the van she sat with the towel wrapped around herself and her wet cloths including her bar and panties on the floor !!!!! I was Instantly hard as hell. Just as I started to climb into the van a bolt of lightning flashed, so did she. I closed the door and looked for a few moments before the thunder made the van actually move a bit. At least I thought it was thunder.
I said " You look fantastic but we are in the church parking lot." Her response floored me, SO!! I was on her in a flash.
We spent at least the next two hours fucking and sucking resting and starting again. During the second break in the action I happen to see a squad car a few blocks away drive by wit the lights on. It was just enough to dram me back to my wits. After all we both had jobs and we need to protect.
I started to dress and she stopped me, she agreed we need to get going but she wanted my cock out until we got to her place. As it was a Friday and the for both of us where with the exes. We wanted to spend the weekend playing as much as we can.
On the way back to her place she played with me relentlessly ever stop light she was in my lap as soon we would move she sat back in her seat Back to the window and playing with that prefect pussy.
This vehicular sex shop was to become a very normal thing for us as many of the local truckers can attest.
Let me know if you want more, just a tease for all I have twenty years of stories with this lady from MFM to FFM to parties swaps and now a hot wife doing her thing. Just let us know your reading this and vote if you feel like it.
Another Friend made and made WIFE LOVERS
Posted:Jul 15, 2021 4:12 pm
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2021 7:47 am
This is our first take at this. I am no spelling or grammar type so if all you have to say is negative or corrective please move on!!!!!

If your looking for us feel free to contact on rimtoosilatyah

So we have this past spring summer had a few contacts but it seems most are just not to interested in long term real play. Seems most are into the chase one or two play dates then move on, WHY????

Date One Lets call him Tom, We met and found we have a bit in common, one very hot hotel meeting lots of tension at first.

For us its about her my baby needs cock and pussy lots of both. She has always been a remarkable lady in public, and a total slut once the clothes are off. I have gotten sick and can no longer due to nerve damage get up and now we don't cum much so I pretty much watch talk and document her fun.

Back to the room HE walked in to find her in a see through coverup on the queen sized bed. She said hello to Tom then kissed him as she rubbed the front of his pants. She had plan and was going to make it CUM true. Tom took the hint and was naked in a heart beat! He felt he needed to show her a good time, silly boy asked her to lie down, she did but as soon as he got close to her face she sucked his cock in like an industrial vacuum finding some dust bunnies running lose. He couldn't believe what was happening!

I had told him she was a true life long cock sucker, but like most people he really didn't think i was completely for real. After all most women suck cock like its a chore, not my girl its like a drowning person breaking the surface of a pool. SHE CAN'T GET ENOUGH COCK DOWN HER THROAT!!!!! And her ultimate prize is feeling it swell
throb and explode in her mouth and one her face and lips. The look on his face was priceless he obviously had not had a good cock sucking for a bit. Now he couldn't wait to eat her dripping holes.

She was so turned on her pussy was leaking juice all over her ass laying there on the bed. WHAT A SITE not a Barbie but a great pair of 44DDD Tits just spilling all over the place. It seemed no matter where on looks there is tit meat to be seen, those large nipples hard and ready for sucking pulling and of course a cum bath. That sweet meaty pussy clean shaved and ready to take whatever is offered!!! And that sweet ass if you never get to taste this ass I feel sorry for you.

SO tom took his time sucking her holes and pleasing her, he fucked her for about 45 minuets till he was exhausted. then he had to lie down to rest a bit. Of course my baby was far from done she need to taste her pussy from his cock, she licked and sucked his shaft, sucked his balls one at a time into her eager mouth, and completely licked and cleaned him of all her juice.

He was done so he dressed and said he wanted more a lot more I had a plan to introduce a women into this play as one cock has never been enough for her. But those are other stories.
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