Anal sex delight, but a hesitation?  

rusty_nail 71M
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12/29/2020 5:57 am
Anal sex delight, but a hesitation?

I can cum so hard and all my nerves want to shutter during anal sex.
I cannot tell if I enjoy the feeling as my throbbing head enters her more? Or, how her inner rippled texture sets me off?
Stroke after stroke.

Which do you prefer? If you prefer either?

PonyGirl1965 56F
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12/31/2020 1:01 am

Properly prepared, I may climax as I am being entered anally. I'm tight and very sensitive.

rusty_nail replies on 12/31/2020 5:20 am:
Thank you.

rusty_nail 71M
699 posts
12/30/2020 3:50 am

Hello. Thanks for stopping here.

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