A Dark Love w/pics  

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10/8/2021 8:22 am
A Dark Love w/pics

A Dark Love

The hollow ring of silence tolls within
the empty mausoleum of my heart.
It's eerie bells resound within the deep,
dark halls of my soul.
My mind is violently shaken by the fierce
winds of love forever lost.
For I have been left behind to suffer in
the dismal chambers of emotional distress
forever more to wail in torturous agony.
I am besieged by the deepest longing and
cry out to the abysmal darkness for her return,
screaming," Oh, my darling Christine, how I mourn
for thee and beg the heavens for your return to me.
Upon the cruel, taunting night winds a sweet, sensual
voice gently calls out to me. I tremble, feeling the force
of the terrible winds of change sweep coldly over me.
My soul writhes with fear. Yet slowly without thought
nor control of what I do, I begin to follow that haunting
voice through the haunted, mist enshrouded woods.
At the end of my long arduous journey I come upon a
lonely, crumbling old mausoleum crouching upon a craggy,
windswept hill. Silently I stand before it's ancient door
feeling impotent and alone in the darkness of the night,
praying for a miracle. Gently I push the creaky, old door open
with a trembling hand and fearfully enter into the darkness.
I am greeted by eerie shadows<b> dancing </font></b>wildly upon the cold,
wet, smoky walls in harmony to a lonely, unearthly, haunting melody.
Suddenly from the darkness A soft, vibrant voice calls out to me,
saying "Come to me my love." I sob uncontrollably, "My dearest
Christine, how I've missed the soothing warmth of your gentle
caress upon my cheek and the softness of your kiss upon my lips.
Without you, my love I cannot go on, nor bear to live without you.
The royal realm of my heart's joy has been enshrouded by the fiery
mists of unbearable sorrow. There is no happiness to be found
within my darkened soul. It is compassed about by the marauding
dark armies of painful loss. My mind has lain upon the bloody
battlefield of torturous agony, and the hounds of apathy grow
hungrily at my guts. My senses are strangled by the cold hand
of despair. Dark legions of dismay beguile me to no end, my love.
The hallowed fields of my joy have been destroyed by your leaving.
I have been left helpless and alone to lie in the sack cloth and
ashes of bitter mourning and . From out of the darkness, my
Christine at last speaks. "My love, all shall be well with thee,
for the precious day of our reuniting is close at hand, and you
shall have to suffer no more. Come to me, my sweet love, let us sit
together once more and I shall make everything better.
Slowly, disbelievingly I stumble, mesmerized toward her unearthly
voice. My thumping heart becomes frozen in my chest at the sight
of her blazing, auburn hair, and eerie, haunting ,bright green eyes.
My senses become intoxicated by the gleaming golden urn filled
with bloody carnations and aromatic black roses. Suddenly all sense
of self control is drained from my quivering body as her dark visage
rises, and floats slowly toward me. The powerful scent of death and
decay assaults me, as she takes me into her long arms and pulls me close.
I close my eyes in fear, as she sinks her long sharp fangs into my
uplifted throat. The last thing I see before my life ebbs slowly from
my veins is the swirling blue-grey smoke of the blackened candles as it
slowly rises to the ivy covered vaulted ceiling of my new home.
Wolves begin to howl as though welcoming me, as my lovely Christine
lies me in her golden crypt to await the coming of my renaissance
into the dark underworld.

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Dark Angels , Fav # 10 , XOXO

scottv69 replies on 10/8/2021 1:20 pm:
that they are my friend.

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Great Post my Friend.

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scottv69 replies on 10/8/2021 1:20 pm:
Thanks my friend.

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