Men Loving Men (pics)  

scottv69 59M
3653 posts
9/20/2021 8:09 am
Men Loving Men (pics)

Men loving men.

scottv69 59M
5241 posts
9/20/2021 8:10 am

For those who like man on man action.

vopesahe 60F
35733 posts
9/20/2021 8:21 am

my Friend.

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scottv69 replies on 9/20/2021 8:54 am:
thanks and have a great day my friend.

1ForPlay2021 61M

9/20/2021 8:50 am

Sweet,in need of some play time now...

scottv69 replies on 9/20/2021 9:41 am:
I hear ya on that

48scootertramp1 68M
413 posts
9/20/2021 8:52 am

Nice action.

scottv69 replies on 9/20/2021 9:41 am:

lovethestick 76M
564 posts
9/20/2021 8:59 am

I just love the fact of sucking off straight guys and the taste and feel of them throbbing in my mouth as they cum down my throat

scottv69 replies on 9/20/2021 9:42 am:

benard69 64M/64F  
6212 posts
9/20/2021 9:21 am

Love some of that chocolate cock...

scottv69 replies on 9/20/2021 1:13 pm:
I hear ya

Leegs2012 48M
87158 posts
9/20/2021 9:35 am


scottv69 replies on 9/20/2021 11:54 am:
I'm glad you liked them

Eviloutlaw1 60M
4790 posts
9/20/2021 9:39 am

Now why can't I find guys that want to play like this in my neck of the woods?

Thanks for the Pic posting Scott! Have a good one!

scottv69 replies on 9/20/2021 11:54 am:
Thanks. Good luck in finding some guys to do this

staci_19702 51T
2525 posts
9/20/2021 9:42 am

Everyone looks like they are having a great time!

Have a great day! 💋

scottv69 replies on 9/20/2021 11:55 am:
They sure seem to be having fun.

binudecpl4u 66M/62F
48 posts
9/20/2021 9:50 am

Very hot indeed!!

wants2try1 65M
74 posts
9/20/2021 10:31 am

I just had to jack off looking at these pic. One day I would like to feel a nice cock in me

scottv69 replies on 9/20/2021 11:56 am:
I hear ya.

blackcandle78 43M
13663 posts
9/20/2021 11:32 am


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