Seduce My Mind w/pics  

scottv69 59M
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11/27/2021 8:58 am
Seduce My Mind w/pics

Seduce My Mind

My sweet little angel,
come seduce my mind
with your magical, sensual
words of heated passion.

Caress my pounding heart
with your beautiful hymns of
amorous desire.

Come touch my body with your
wondrously sweet embrace and
whisper your<b> erotic </font></b>needs into
my ear.

scottv69 59M
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11/27/2021 8:59 am

Enjoy your Saturday.

Leegs2012 49M  
93166 posts
11/27/2021 10:12 am


scottv69 replies on 11/27/2021 11:24 am:

Sexaddkt70 71M
1268 posts
11/27/2021 10:34 am

Mmmm #2; #4 and #6.

scottv69 replies on 11/27/2021 3:21 pm:
glad you liked them

crosstraining 68T  
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11/27/2021 12:00 pm

Very Seductive Honeys , Favs # 1 # 4 # 6 , XOXO

scottv69 replies on 11/27/2021 3:21 pm:
thank you

BeccaLuvs 59F
20756 posts
11/27/2021 1:20 pm

Again, great words Scott - and yep very sexy ladies! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and still enjoying this weekend!

..... And always 'hold onto all those sexy thoughts'!
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scottv69 replies on 11/27/2021 3:22 pm:
thank you very much

LadiesR2B1rst 58M  
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11/27/2021 1:46 pm

They each seduced my mind with their Sexy bodies. But, the mind makes all the difference. Thanks for sharing.

scottv69 replies on 11/27/2021 3:22 pm:
thanks glad you liked

author51 59F  
129365 posts
11/27/2021 11:17 pm

Seduce the mind, the body will follow my friend. Lovely read Hun.Happy Sunday.xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life.xoxo


scottv69 replies on 11/28/2021 8:35 am:
One must first seduce the mind and the body will follow. Happy Sunday my friend.

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