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Sitter Stays....
Posted:Sep 25, 2011 1:48 am
Last Updated:Jun 29, 2014 5:31 am

As I rouse myself from my cum stupor.Looking around Im laying there with my legs splayed open wide. Feeling my pussy contracting as I look down between my thighs .I flash on the reason behind my most powerful orgasm yet.Trailing his arm to Hall's wrist as his hand disappears into my young cunt. I feel him so very slowly start to rotate his hand inside me. Hearing my juices squeash out of my around that hand feeling them lubricate my stretched puss. My hips gyrate with his each & every movement deep inside me. With his other large hand reached out from his massive frame. Settling on the back of Deb's head, entangling his fingers in her hair. Lifted her head upwords as he tugs her hair she starts to rise to her knees. sA slight squeal as Hall jerks her pulling hard to propell her towards my mound. Stuffing her face down on my swollen clit.."There you go Deb..Thats just what my little slut wanted...Didn't you , my sweet pussy licker?' Still controling her head movements by pulling up again on her hair. Back so far that she was almost looking up at him. Her neck straining throat tight .In a flash he was licking her lips tasting my pussy juices from her mouth sucking them from her lips.All the while hand still burried to the deepest spot ever in my young life. Guiding her forcibly back down between my legs rubbing her face into my clit. Pushing her further down "Now I want you to lick her hole an my arm as I pump my sweet baby's juices from her young twat...cum on ..you do it right for our sexy little fuck..." slurping sounds & gushes of fluid as Hall arm pushed even deeper.Suddenly yanking the womans covered face from my tortured cunt. Dragging her towards his engorged manhood. Springing up surprising her as his stiff rod hit her on her cheek.Hesaitating so that he could swing at her hitting her on both sides of her face.Making her flinch each time that hard cock smacked acrossed her soft features. Standing out gripping tighter to her head presses up against her closed mouth.Looking into her eyes,in a calm deep voice tells her' I want you to take my cock slowly into your mouth work down my shaft pushing this fuckstick so deep you make yourself gag & choke over it. This cunts muscles are gripping so tight on my arm ..just flooding her hole when she hears me talk mean & nasty to my fuck bitch."..as Hall starts to pull from my tight cunt muscles. I try to clinch them tighter around that receeding arm. I start to whine. Hall quickly pulls back hard releasing himself from my cluches. Feeling the quick withdrawal of his large hand, hurting, the feeling of my insides being pulled with him...the intense pleasure/pain making me gasp as I let loose a gush of liquid spraying out from my vigina. shoving his fist to my mouth "lick it little one..clean all your fuck juices from my hand that banged you.." stuffing his big dick deeper he growls""yes bitch "as he starts to unload from way deep in his balls.."aahhhrrrggghhh thats it....drink it my jism ...come on suck all that spunk from my balls. Then Before you swallow it all I want our cum slut to lick my cum from your mouth...." opening his wet hand slides it up smearing remaining juices on the side of my face..." Come baby.." pulling so that I had to follow " Lick my cum from her mouth" I musta of hesiatated to long as a hard stinging slap landed on my ass as I yelped he pushed my open mouth to hers....
Posted:Jul 4, 2011 9:36 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2017 8:47 am

It's early.. I know. Still entangled in bed with Deb. Her sexy tanned leg thrown over mine. Her head resting on my chest, sucking the young breast into her mouth,nursing my ripe nipple,even in her sleep. The feelings starting to stir, even before I open my eyes. Feeling the warm wetness between my legs.I move my arm, bring my hand to rest on the back of her head. Wrapping my hand in her hair, I pull her head even tighter to my breast. Her mouth, pulling harder, taking more of my soft breast into her warm greedy mouth.
Eyes slowly opening. I see him then, Hall,off to the side kneeling on the bed. Lust in his eyes as he stared at his naked wife and the sweet, young fucktoy. Knowing then what had awaken me,as I watched him. As he groped himself, torturing his balls,squeezing,twisting and pulling on them. Stroking his thick shaft slowly, milking the drops of cum to the head of that long, hard cock. Letting go, relieving his swollen nutsac of any further punishment. Reaching for me grasped my ankle,jerked my legs open. Spreading them to expose a leaking pussy. "Ahhh, baby," sliding his callused hand up my leg."you keep those legs spread. I want to see those lips quiver." By then was feeling Deb's arousal, pressing herself against my leg, rubbing her juices on me as she humped my leg. Laying there between my molesters that were almost old enough to be my parents. "Thats it Deb,love to watch you rub your juices on her. So hot." Hall's voice sounding more excited as he slips a finger past my pouty cunt lips,then adding another.Both dipping deeper into the tightness, causing me to squirm and push up towards his probing fingers. Deb moaning "uhmmm," riding my leg harder,lifting her head to look at Hall,"Yeah you like drilling that tight puss? Don't you? Damn, I told you this little girl would be a hot fuck." Panting, "Oohh I can't believe I'm gonna cum already." Humping faster, rubbing harder " Hall shove all your fingers up that young twat of hers. Do it. Harder...come on, do it." Holding her head up, to watch his pussy finger assault. Hall uses his solid rod to slap Deb's face. Squealing, she gushes on my leg. Hall lets his load shoot as he uses his rod to slap her cum covered face again,at that moment folds his thumb in and pushes the entire hand into the snatch. She cums all over his hand, covering it with her juices,causing them to ooze and run down and lube that ass of hers
The Sitter
Posted:Nov 2, 2010 8:15 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2012 11:46 pm

Thinking back to one of the first families that I babysat for regularly. It was for a friend of my older brother. One day when I had been hanging out w/my sister-in-law, my brother and his buddies showed up after work. It was Friday, so they all came in from the car pool to have a couple of beers & smoke a bowl or two. In good spirits they said their hellos to my sister in law, Hannah and started teasing the little sister . Hall was the dirty old man of the group, you know the type, 40ish like to grab your ass, rub up against you , an talk nasty.
I had just barely turned 14, not too wise about dirty old men. They all teased me , but Hall liked to cop a feel while grabbing at me and try to get me to kiss him. Grabbing me up, all the while laughing, squeezing my butt, smashing my boobs between us. “ I haven’t seen you forever sweetie” he’d say “Come on little girl give me kiss” struggling to get away, little did I know the more I struggled to get away the more he liked it. he’d say “Ahh give me some of that sweetness of yours” The other guys talking amongst themselves not paying attention to “dirty Hall “ who was pushing his lower body into mine, while he was grabbing my young ass. After a little of that he’d let me down and say” Geez just an old man trying to get some loving from ya baby girl.” Adjusting his pants he walks away towards the bathroom.
Later I overhear him complaining to my brother that his wife hadn’t found a sitter yet. My brother seeing me, asks if I could help them out? Of course I agree to.
The day comes , Hall picks me up, whistling low…”.oh baby girl don’t you look good enough to eat.” he says as my short skirt rides up my thigh as I climb in his high jeep.
Pulling my skirt down as we pull onto the road, Hall reaches over lays his big hand on my bare leg, slides it up my leg, slowly guiding it under my skirt towards my crotch. “ Well girlie girl , it’s working out just perfect .I‘m glad you were able to watch the for us . I‘ll pay you a little bonus for being such short notice” he said chuckling. As he’s driving along I squirm to get away from his invading hand. “What’s wrong sweetie ? Am I going too far? I’m just being friendly” I can feel the heat of his hand on my panties as he pets me down there. “Oh little one you’re sure warm down between those sweet legs of yours and if I don’t know better you’re starting to feel a bit wet,” all the squirming and his petting are making me tingle….Rubbing harder up against my crotch. Without thinking my legs spread to give his hand more room. “Good girl, that’s right, open those legs so I can make you feel good” “you like that don’t you, my hand exploring down there?” He asked. It was like when I touched myself but better, making me squirm more. Pushing myself towards his fingers that were rubbing my little cunny . I knew I shouldn’t let him but it was hard to make him stop. Leaning back and spreading my legs even further apart. “reach and pull those panties to the side” I do as he says Then I feel him slipping a finger inside me.. “Oh” I say as he pushes it up my pussy. Working his finger around in my hole making me even wetter. “I’d love to keep this up ,but we’re almost there“, taking his finger out an putting it to his nose to smell my scent , then tasting the wetness. “God baby girl , I can’t wait to give you a ride home later, my cock is so hard for that little cunt of yours.” grabbing my hand he puts it on the lump in his jeans. I can feel how big he is. “ This is just a start of what’s in store for you later little girl” “When I take you home later I want you to have those panties off you hear?” “Yes sir” I tell him “That’s right you’ll do as I tell you won’t you? We‘re going to make you a dirty little girl and I‘ll do what I want to you” We pull into the driveway and go into the house. The are excited to have a new babysitter so they are full of questions for me. As I answer them, I see Hall go up to Debbie and kiss her ,then he slips his finger under her nose…smiling she inhales as she closes her eyes….
Posted:Jul 11, 2009 7:46 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2017 8:49 am

"Yes, what do you want from me?"
"Ok my little slut," he said "I want you to sit back and finger that pussy of yours"
Again, stopped in the threos,shut down before I could taste his sluts' cum.Before I could orgasm myself. I was so turned on by tasting her pussy and having my abuser watch and control the tempo of our sex. So wanting to make his little slut cream all over my face, to taste her cum, feeling her gush over my tongue, have her flood my mouth,fill me with her juices...leaving me to lick her taste from my own lips..
I see her beside me spreading her long tanned legs,her fingers slowly,slipping between those puffy,shaved pussy lips.
Tipping her head back letting out a soft, low, moan. Watching her work her fingers,one then another past her wet cuntlips. Then plunging three fingers deep inside herself, in a frenzy, finger fucking her own cunt. The site only making me more excited..wetter then I could believe, feeling my juices ooze from my cunt, slowly but surely covering my bunghole. Wettig a trail to the floor that I lay on,so that I lay in a puudle of my own pussy juice...
Not in A Hurry!!
Posted:Jun 22, 2009 7:46 am
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2012 6:07 am


As I lay on the cold tile floor, wrists bound tightly, arms stretched out over my head . My body trembling with fear and only knowing what was ahead by what they spoke of. Hearing the two of them, a man and woman, enjoying their cruel and twisted foreplay, leaving me cringing at their words.
Hearing the man growl deep in his throat , followed by the nasty directions of how she should take his hard cock deeper into her wet mouth, Her muffled moans and gagging sounds led me to imagine that he had shoved his cock deep into her throat,” That’s how it is baby, if you don’t take my cock on your own I’ll shove it in and so deep you’ll have to fight to breathe’. You could hear the aggression in his voice. She must’ve been struggling trying to fight for air, grunts and a groan from him followed by gasping sounds from her. Sounds lasting for only a short time, Then the commands again. “ Bitch, you will take my prick and suck it like I want, just like I’m going make that bitch on the floor do what ever I want ”
The words punctuated by sounds of flesh against flesh, air being pushed from her lungs.
Then suddenly the grunts groans and whimpers stop. Replaced by choking and coughs as she tries to pull too much air at once into her lungs.
He speaks to again, in softer hushed tones, “Ohh girl you almost did it, I about lost my load. Close, you know I don’t want that yet we still have some other things planned, don’t we? We ’ve talked about this for so long now. You know how much you want to suck my cum from a sweet little twat like hers. Now you be the good little girl you are , or should I say the nasty bitch , and go slid your fingers into her cunt and I bet you her pussy is hot and wet just like yours. Then I want to watch you spread her real wide while you put your face between her legs. slowly lick the juices that have worked up in that snatch. You like the taste of pussy huh, baby. Talk to me n tell me what you want to do to our little fuck bitch.” he‘s not done talking yet as the nasty thoughts from his perverted mind and dirty words flew from his mouth“ I know what we have talked about doing to her I want you to you to get off on this as much as I do.”
I jump, her touch startling me even tho I was expecting it. My legs being pushed apart by soft, persist hands. My legs trembling as I try to hold them tight together, she pushes my gown up to my neck takes my right nipple between her teeth and bites down hard releases ,to tell me “Girl I will make it so hard on you if you don’t do what I tell you. Not just me but my man here will also. And he’ll get off a bit more if I have to slap you a bit, he likes that rough stuff, if you can’t tell it turns him on.”
.She slaps at me, hitting my thighs, her fingertips hitting the fleshy mound of my secretness. I timidly start to part my legs, grabbing them wrenching them open she reveals my shaved lips, as does that she coos,
“Oh yeah, sweetie you’ve got a pretty shaved little pussy don’t you?” slowly she teases me with her fingers lightly brushing the small patch of hair that remains just above my lips. Then upwards to my breasts, then without warning slaps at my breast catching just my nipple causing a sharp sting .
Grabbing them both roughly mauling them leaning to take one in her mouth sucking, biting twisting it before she moves to my other. I’m squirming to try and retreat from abuse of my body. Only to be intruded on in a most private way ,realizing then that my body has betrayed me, she shoves two fingers inside of my wet , swollen pussy. As a moan escapes from my gagged mouth, she works more wetness up, sliding a third finger in me. The mans voice sounds like it comes from behind her. “Yes that ‘s it, I love to watch you bang her like that.” Which causes her increase strokes invading me. Her breathing growing more rapid. My body, against my mind set, is responding thrusting to meet her hand.
Hearing and feeling the wetness of my juices lubricating my cunt so that her fingers slide in and out,
With easy slickness. With increased arousal I hump her hand and then with a sudden disappointment, she pulls out leaving me, dripping and empty. I then hear her say “Taste her, lick her from my fingers.”
He must’ve done it. He then says” Damn, she smells as good as she taste” In the next moment I feel her warm breath on thighs, then the wet softness of her tongue parting my lips as she lets out a deep sigh, lapping at my juices that have run out of me, down to the crack of my ass.
Pushing her stiff tongue deeper into my womanhood. Sucking juices from me, then biting at my clit.
She lifts head, telling him to” shove them in, work my pussy with your fingers baby” she returns to my pussy with a long moan, I feel her body rock as I know he must working her with his fingers as she did mine with hers.
The man tells her to move back and open my legs wide “I’ve got to feel that pussy,” “ You’ve got her so wet baby, I want to fuck her. I want to shove my cock into that fucking hole, cover my prick with her juices for you.” The hot breath is gone, replaced by his hardness, he rams his cock deep in me, pounding my insides. Pulls out as quickly, as I hear her slobber and suck my juices off him. They leave me to myself, wanting more from them. As they please and tease each other, I again am made to just listen to them and hear their deviant plans for me.

In A Hurry!!
Posted:Jun 22, 2009 7:41 am
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2010 1:22 am

Lately my computer has been having some trouble with the internet settings.Last night I was on my laptop at home when it decides to shut down on me. In order to reconfigure the settings you have to be on line, the only place I could get on line was at work. So I packed the temper mental thing up. I pulled a knee length sweater over my see thru nightie,that I'd been lounging in.I'd closed earlier, so knowing I'd have the place to myself.I didn't bother to get dressed. It was after midnight so there weren't many cars out at that time.
When I got there I quickly let myself in,going to put the alarm code in so it wouldn't go off. I must've have been in a hurry and didn't lock the door behind me leaving it wide open for anyone to come in. I plugged in my laptop, turned on the media player,put my earphones on and got lost in pc repair. I must've have been more tired than I thought and with the music lulling me I fell into a sound asleep.
I was jerked out of my slumber by a pair of hands one yanking my head back by my hair, and as I started to yell, my scream was cut off by a wad of cloth being stuffed in my mouth by the other. I struggle to get up but am pinned on the floor by someone sitting on my back. He ties a blindfold over my eyes, and roughly shove my arms over my head. My wrists are held tightly together until straps are pulled taunt cutting into my flesh. I realize it's not just one person that has crashed into peacefulness but two that have come so brutally into my world. As my body is twisted around, I try to struggle. He slaps me hard across the side of my head, reeling me back to the floor making my ears ring. Then as he steps back I lie still praying that they will forget about me. My ears still ringing and with one earphone tied to my head with the blindfold I can't make out what they are saying but I can feel their excitement from my fear. Their voices raising a pitch, breathing more rapid,heavy. I hear a sound that I recognize, a zipper, the rustle of fabric as they are removing their clothes. Then I hear very clearly "I want you to do a good job sucking my cock, so I can let you clean this bitch's pussy juice off me later."
'Oohh baby, I'll make your cock so hard for her. You like having her all tied up knowing your going to fuck that snatch of hers, don't you?"
"You bet I do. Having you suck my dick and getting it all wet so I can shove it up her cunt."
I know now that is part of it,the turn on, foreplay, for them watching me lie here in cold fear. Not know what they are going to do to me, but having to listen to them talk of the different ways they are going use me.


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