updated friends gallery  

seenit 52M
80 posts
10/17/2021 7:05 pm
updated friends gallery

added a photo to the friends gallery, watching football edging . its from the cam show the same day. updating fetLfe also, may post the video later

attrBiMale 61M  
145 posts
10/18/2021 4:25 am

Hi BB, That's 1 very sexy g-string you're wearing. I'd love to meet & play with you regularly ...\8

seenit replies on 10/19/2021 6:30 am:
ty, might be fun. cant see profiles or pics so post here or jump on cam some time

seenit 52M
78 posts
10/30/2021 7:10 pm

added a couple of pics to the friends gallery, leave a comment, will try to read them and reply

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