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This ad says it all ... 46 5'6" Attractive and overweight. All natural redhead with an oral fixation, longing to lick and be licked. Non-smoker, clean, disease and drug free and looking for the same. Mutual fun with NSA just looking to press some flesh. My days are stressful and I would love some help to relax.
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He makes us beautiful...
Posted:Sep 29, 2008 5:32 pm
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2008 9:20 pm

He makes us beautiful...

he looks through the lens and sees beauty and he lets us know it. he poses us and lights us to let the image of loveliness that he sees be seen by others.

He makes us beautiful...

soft words
words of comfort
gentle kisses
kisses of shelter

He makes us beautiful...

hovering over us, long slow strokes, shallow strokes to find “our spot”, quick deep thrusts as we melt into our ecstasy. eyes glazing as we look into his. muscles clenching him again and again without conscious thought. he breathes in our beauty again and again. and then moves over to repeat the process with the other of us.

He makes us beautiful...

we watch as he bathes the other in their beauty of orgasm. we see the beauty that he releases and know that we too are beautiful.

He makes us beautiful...

...and we share it with the camera
...and we share it with each other
...and we share it with him

He makes us beautiful...

...we give it all back to him
...and we make him smile.
Posted:Sep 25, 2008 7:11 pm
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2008 11:17 am

I want you. I crave you.

I think about you … always. Your touch. Your look when I touch you. Your kisses. Running my fingers through your hair and watching you melt. I dream about your touches. You holding me, embracing me. I wake with a smile on my face and my breasts in my hands imagining you pressed up against me.

I want to hear your voice. Your laugh. If I can’t see you, I want to hear you, let your voice sink into my soul.

I jump when I hear a text come through and I smile when I see that it’s from you.

This is insanity. This is wonderful.

I want to celebrate your joys and triumphs. Comforting you in your losses and sadness. I want to share any part of your life that you can share with me.

You lift me up. You make me smile. Your words wrap around me like a security blanket. I feel beautiful and sexy. Lessons I’ve been working on for years seem to fall into place and become part of me. You inspire me.

Sex with you is beyond words. It’s hot. The sparks when we touch. The goose bumps. The purrs. The climaxes and comforts. Your lips on my nipples, my lips all over you. Looking into your eyes as we both reach for those pinnacles of sensation, the explosive releases, one after another.

Being with you in public, blown away by your caresses. Surprised that others can’t feel the electricity that surges off of us. Quick kisses. Long touches.

I miss you. I hope you are finding happiness. I anticipate the time that we can join again ‒ a simple touch, a searing look, or having you deep inside me.

I want you. I crave you.

Sharing Love
Posted:Sep 25, 2008 4:12 pm
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2008 2:39 pm

More love to share.

Love is abundant as long as we don't hoard it. I dream of being in a place where love is shared freely.

Don't get me wrong here ... I'm not just talking sex - although that is part of it. I'm talking about shared love. A commitment to share and care and honesty.

Where one night I am with my lover, the two of us alone to expand and explore the love between us, the knowledge of each others bodies, the understanding of each others psyches, opinions, beliefs, views and lives. The next night finds him with another lover, able to share some of the experiences and joy that we had shared, and me with a couple who only plays together - willing to open the love that they feel for each other, to others to revel in; able to build upon their shared commitment by accepting in the love that I have to share.

Like a self charging battery ... I pass my energy, my joy, my love to them ... it multiplies in the giving ... and I receive their energy, their love their joy back in abundance. All of us left with more than when we started - a blending of all of us.

A place of sharing, more than love - ideas, knowledge, skills. She knows how to fix that problem with my plumbing; he bakes an awesome lasagna; I tutor their in math. One lover helps create a budget, another mows the lawn and I put together a picnic for them to share tomorrow.

We each get to use our skills, our gifts, to enhance each others lives. A blending, a joining, a sharing, a loving - polyamory.


I had been planning on writing this post for several weeks - it's been on my list of ideas I want to write about, and on the flight for my current trip I finally did. A couple days later I was talking with a friend about polyamory and had to answer several questions, so I decided to do some research. I found the most amazing site on polyamory that I had to share it here with this post. It's informative, interesting and fun to read - it doesn't take itself too seriously ... I highly recommend it if you are either interested in practicing polyamory or just want to learn more about it.

Have fun and stay safe!
1 comment
Posted:Sep 23, 2008 8:31 pm
Last Updated:Oct 7, 2008 6:17 pm

The first time I squirted, I had never heard of it before. I was a little freaked, a little embarrassed. WHAT had just happened? Had I peed? I didn’t think so, but what else could it be? So I started on a quest for information. This was before the internet age, so my research was a little more complicated than it is now ‒ particularly in a Midwest town … not the sort of thing you could just march into the library and get information about!

I don’t remember now where I did get the information that put my mind to ease. Learning about female ejaculations. But what I did find was more about the ejaculate itself, the chemical makeup, the rarity, not anything that explained why or how. Most discussion was over if it was even true or if it was urban myth. Well, I knew it was real. I knew the release that came with it. I knew the reality of needing multiple towels under me during really good sex! As well as the embarrassment with a new sex partner … explaining it.

However, since I’ve started this new phase of my life ‒ this exploration … I’ve found much more information to enlighten myself. How fascinating to find entire websites dedicated to seeing women squirt. While there still seems to be debate over the whole phenomena … at least I know that I am not alone, not a freak and it’s okay to enjoy it!

Based on my own experiences and experimentation I can pretty strongly state that, for me at least, it ties in almost directly to my g-spot. Once I’ve cum once, if I have g-spot stimulation, most orgasms will usually produce some ejaculate - a squirt … and depending on how much stimulation, now much build up, sometimes more than a squirt ‒ a gush! And it seems the more orgasms I have; the more likely I am to squirt. And once I’ve started, I really don’t like to stop.

It used to take digital manipulation (or mechanical!) to get me squirting, but several of my lovers have definitely found the right position to keep me squirting - even during intercourse, flooding my hot juices over their engorged cock during our joining. The positive comments, about how good that feels, have been encouraging to say the least.

Although I must admit, it’s the opportunity to lick myself off of their chins and lips that really turns me on. A man who doesn’t shy away from bringing me to a mind blowing, sensation filled, juicy orgasm and lets me cum all over their face, or swallows my fluids with as much gusto as I swallow theirs … that’s a man that I’ll keep in my bed!

The other day, one of my lovers was working magic on me with his tongue and fingers, lapping up as much as he could catch and I was moving from squirting to gushing ‒ he caught a mouthful of my cum and then came up and kissed me, sharing the liquid love, the fruits of his labors. Wow! That was one of the most erotic, sexiest, coolest things! That was a true sharing of the moment. That was really GREAT sex!
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Posted:Sep 21, 2008 1:28 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2008 5:06 pm

I don’t know how else to describe it.

Connecting with someone right away ‒ when all you have is a wink … or email. That feeling of rightness.

Connecting with someone from a distance, with only written words. Enough of a connection to open up and be vulnerable.

Meeting in person and feeling the connection right away. Knowing it was right to make this choice. That feeling of the pieces falling into place as you connect.

Connections …

Little touches with huge impact.
Swift kisses with the power of a lightening bolt.
Soothing touches with a path of fire.

Look into my eyes
Posted:Sep 18, 2008 2:41 pm
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2022 4:25 am

Look into my eyes and let me show you my pleasure. Look into my eyes and share your pleasure with me.

I want to touch you. Stroke every part of your body. Smoothing out any tension. Making every inch of your skin more sensitive, making it tingle, quiver for the touch of my fingers, my flesh.

I want to smell you, to inhale the unique fragrance that is only you, only us … from where our scents combine.

I want to taste you. Licking your body, warming you with my steamy mouth and tongue, leaving a trail of damp that ignites with sensation from the cool air as I move on to taste more of you:
- To lick between each finger and toe, slowly pulling each digit into my mouth to explore;
- To nuzzle at the sensitive skin of your wrist and your ankle, trying to pull the resistant flesh into my mouth while I flick at your pulse point and Achilles tendon with my tongue;
- To swirl my tongue in random spirals on those sweet spots in the bend of your elbows and behind your knees while you try to pull away from the intense sensation;
- To slowly lick, pressing the flat of my tongue against the place where your limbs join your body, those creases where your legs join your pelvis and your arms join your chest, broad slow strokes of pressure with my tongue;
- To sweep my tongue over and around each nipple, flicking lightly at first with just the pointed tip of my tongue, then pulling each one into my mouth individually and suckling at them ‒ the rise and fall of pressure as I suck on the nipples and surrounding flesh like a babe pulling at your breasts in a gentle rhythm of comfort while my tongue beats a rhythm of desire against the straining tips;
- To swirl my tongue around your navel, exploring it, finding spots where nerves, so rarely touched that spark thin lines of pleasure to other parts of the body when brought to life with my questing tongue;
- To taste and lick and nuzzle and flick behind each ear, at the nape of your neck, in the hollow of your throat, along each collarbone and making a V at the base of your spine, dipping my tongue just teasingly into the cleft between your cheeks.

I want to envelop you, to wrap myself around you and fold myself into your safe arms; embracing each other as we look into the others eyes and share the pleasure that has come, the pleasure that has yet to be.

Look into my eyes.
no lube required
Posted:Sep 16, 2008 12:08 pm
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2008 2:38 pm

Glass toys … what an invention … what a marvel!

I know, it doesn’t sound fun when you first think about it. But think about this … picture this … imagine this …

cool smooth glass touching you in sensitive places … no friction … gliding over heated flesh … slipping across throbbing pulse points … cooling where it touches as it absorbs the heat from your body … and beautiful … like art touching your body … the weight … the beauty … pleasure and art combined

Smooth, glossy, beautiful, frictionless glass toys … no lube required … what an invention!
My Lover
Posted:Sep 15, 2008 9:51 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2008 5:07 pm

My lover. Ohhh, the sound of that word turns me on. The feel of it as it rolls round my mouth, across my tongue and out my lips. It makes you use your tongue, your lips to say it; invoking memories of using them on you.

It’s more.

More than a fuck buddy. A fuck buddy has all those hard edges; it can sound playful or rough. If you put the emphasis on the buddy it sounds like friends that play, friends with benefits, friends who know how to make each other scream and laugh with delight. If you put the emphasis on fuck it becomes less personal ‒ a physical connection only. A good physical connection, maybe hard and fast caught moments; maybe a mind blowing, sweat soaking interlude where both of you leave drained but sated. And if you don’t put emphasis on either word, it sounds to me like a necessity. Physical need is met but there is no connection.


More than a boyfriend/girlfriend. They may be someone you touch and cuddle, and pinch and tickle. But if they are not your lover, then it’s like ’s play ‒ who gets there first, how far can I get, when will they say no? A feeling of accomplishment for each little step along the way ‒ unable to see the forest for the trees.


My lover. The one who completes me, in that moment, as I complete them. The one who stirs the embers; who can keep a fire burning long and low, simmering through us. Or bring on a flash fire that scorches quick and sudden; pulling back to that glow.

My lover
knows me and is still looking, listening, finding new spots to make me gasp, and moan, and purr.

My lover. Our pleasure builds between us. A sharing, a giving, an escalation. I give my pleasure to you, you give your pleasure to me and it grows with the exchange … ebbing and flowing like the ocean until it’s just enough to bring a wave of ecstasy crashing over both of us.

My lover. It conjures up pictures in my mind of full body stroking, touching all over, licking and nuzzling, kissing and sucking. Long, slow, steady strokes, quick flitting flutters. A quick invigorating smack on the ass and soothing, smoothing touches to calm it.

My lover. Hours of play, of touch, of having you in me. Your cock filling me or your fingers teasing me, my pussy embracing it, them. Welcoming. Languid plunges or short, quick strokes, just being in me. Looking into my eyes, letting me fall into yours. Breathing me in as I cum.

Ohhh … My lover. I embrace it. I cherish it. People pass through our lives so quickly and a lover may move on. But once you’ve been my lover, you’ll always be more.
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Touch Me
Posted:Sep 13, 2008 9:42 am
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2008 9:46 pm

Touch me.

Let me feel your flesh against mine.

Mine overheated, yours still cool, and where we touch … the heat balances. Cooling my fevered skin and warming yours … and then I no longer feel the touch through the difference of temperature, now I feel the electricity that flows between us where we touch; the unmistakable energy that flows from one human to another when there is contact. That is what ramps up my heartbeat, makes my breathing shallow and gives me goose bumps. Feeling your power flow into me and mine flow into you ‒ mingling, mixing, making its own unique signature of touch. Right now; this moment; this spot.

Let me feel your flesh against mine.

Touch me.
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Posted:Sep 9, 2008 4:06 pm
Last Updated:Sep 9, 2008 9:01 pm

Purr … Ahhh … Contentment …

He sits in a chair naked, leaning back, relaxed, putting his cock at exactly the right height for my mouth when I sit on the floor between his legs. Exactly the right height to slip my mouth over the top of his straining penis. My lips just cover his crown and I run my tongue around the head and press the back of my tongue against the underside, sliding my tongue back into my mouth slowly with continued pressure until the pointed tip of it is probing the tip of his dick.

I take my pleasure in hearing his reactions, feeling his responses. I work over his balls, his taint, his shaft, his ridge and crown with my anxious tongue and lips, pausing every once in awhile to lick or nip at the inside of his thighs, his belly, his hips and to press his cock against my face as I stare up at him over the top of his shiny wet cock and smile into his eyes. I suck and lick his cock with my usual enthusiasm until he tells me he’s about to cum, so I pull him as deep into my mouth as I can, I fondle his balls and move my head in a constant steady bobbing-pumping motion … taking him deep, then almost out of my mouth, over and over, again and again. His cum bursts from him in luscious spurts that I devour while I continue to fondle his pleasure rod with my tongue.

My black pants and purple lace thong join my shirt and bra on the floor beside the chair … I climb on his bed and he suckles my breasts. Sucking deeply on the tips, pulling my flesh into his mouth as he uses his expert tongue to fondle my sensitive nipples.

He KNOWS what to do with his tongue!

Taking me close to the edge from the sensations there, and the light, but sure, random touches of his groin against my now overly sensitive pussy. He smiles and teases me when I laugh at how good it feels. He moves down my body with promises of returning the favor. And he does … in spades!

He pays attention to my reactions and quickly finds the spots that make me squirm. His fingers find the trigger spot that has me cumming. And he knows to stay at it so that I cum again, this time squirting, making things really wet. He reminds me to keep breathing and then brings me again.

He KNOWS what to do with his fingers!

A wet sucking sound of my pussy squeezing his fingers while he plays with me … mixed with my pants of desire, squeaks of pleasure and moans of “oh god, oh, oh, oh, oh, god!”
He plunges his cock into me. Impaling me, making me moan with pleasure at the feeling of being filled. Short thrusts upward to hit my g-spot has me cumming again.

He KNOWS what to do with his cock!

Bit by bit he moves me, one leg at a time, one adjustment at a time, without ever disconnecting our bodies, finding positions of pleasure along the way … and now, instead of being on my back, I’m face down, my breasts pressing against the bed, my ass raised slightly as he pounds me. And just before the point of no return, he pulls out so I can turn around and finish him in my mouth.

A break, some talk, some touch. He sucks on my toes, I lick his balls. He tells me my pussy feels like it’s milking him when he has his cock in me. That I squeeze so tight when I’m cumming that it feels like I’m going to push him out. That leads to more talk, more touch, more sucking and licking and finally a pounding in my pussy that has me squirming and screaming, cumming with a gush and then him slamming deep to cum in my soaking hot pussy, teasing me with his cock before he finally pulls it out and lets me lick him clean.

Purr … Ahhh … Contentment …
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Posted:Sep 7, 2008 8:29 pm
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2008 7:58 pm

Musicians have rhythm …
Musicians have patience …
Musicians have talent …
. . . And depending on the instrument they play…
Musicians have developed muscles and control …
. . . In areas the rest of us are ignorant about.

He strummed me with his fingers and made sweet music in my body
He plucked me like the strings on his base and made my body sing

Never touching any part of me by my breasts,
. . . He played my nipples like a symphony and made me cum…
. . . Made me feel like he was touching me elsewhere …

Musicians have developed muscles and control …
Musicians have talent …
Musicians have patience …
Musicians have rhythm!
Morning Friends (Part 2 - conclusion)
Posted:Sep 6, 2008 10:32 am
Last Updated:Sep 6, 2008 10:34 am

I thought you said you were shy,” she says, “and that you would require some coaxing.”

“I thought I was.”

“It doesn’t look like it to me.” She says, grasps the waistband of his shorts as he lifts his butt from the bed and pulls them down, disentangling his firm cock from the fabric. She removes the shorts and places them on top of his jeans. Sliding her hands up his legs as he removes his shirt, she reaches out her tongue and brushes the drop from the tip of his penis. He gasps and jerks ‒ her smile broadens. She wets her lips with her tongue, licks a path up the center of her palm, wraps her hand around his shaft to hold him still, presses her wet lips against his head and lets the pressure open her lips just enough for his head to slip inside her hot, wet mouth.

She runs her tongue around the crown, probing at the “v” where the crown meets and up to press against the small seam and hole on the tip. She pulls her mouth away letting the flare of his head drag against her lips on its way out.

A sharp intake of his breath as she leans in, still holding his phallus in her hand, pressing it up against his firm belly, and licks the seam between his balls, her tongue wide and flat against his sensitive skin, the tip of her tongue reaching under them and moving up to the base of his cock. She tilts her head and opens her lips and uses her tongue to reach out and pull his left nut into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue. She lets it slip out from between her lips and moves to his right nut to repeat the process, finishing with another lick up the seam of his ball sack. She blows gently on his wet nuts, sending cool air over his hot package and goose bumps up his arms and legs.

She emits a sound that’s a cross between a moan and a purr, releases his cock and licks her lips. Cupping his balls in her hand so that her thumb has free roam to brush across them, she captures the tip of his cock between her lips. With no friction or pressure from her lips on his shaft she dives all the way down his cock, her lips closing on the base as the tip hits the back of her throat. He moans, she moves her tongue from one side to the other, touching as much of his cock with as possible with the length of her tongue as she basically licks it sideways with the length of her tongue. Then she has to pull back enough to inhale, his length and girth is enough to make it difficult to get air when she’s all the way down on him, even when she’s breathing through her nose.

She wraps her lips over her teeth, licks her lips, and starts pumping her mouth up and down on his bulging shaft. Pressing her lip wrapped teeth against his rod on the down stroke, pursing her lips to put pressure on the sides on the way up. Flipping her lips over his corona and quickly fondling the head with her tongue before she starts back down on his rod.

She pauses to suck at his cock, not moving up and down, just sucking and using her tongue to stroke from the middle of his cock to the top. She starts pumping his cock with her mouth again, this time making a ring of her finger and thumb and placing it against her lips so that there is more contact with his cock. She hears his breathing coming quicker, feels his balls contract and shifts her angle while she continues so that she can look at his face, they make eye contact before his eyes roll back and his lids close and she smiles as much as she can without breaking her rhythm as she first tastes and then feels the warm spunk pulsing out of his cock. She keeps her rhythm without drawing all the way up his shaft and as his pulsing slows, she slows her pace while still keeping the pressure. As he finishes, she licks him gently from base to head and kisses him on the tip.

He falls back on the bed and catches his breath as she comes to her feet. She turns to the other bed and pulls on a green and black satin robe. Then she reaches for a bottle of water on the table between the beds and takes a long drink.

He has started to dress, pulling on his grey boxer briefs and jeans. He buckles his belt and then puts his shirt back on, snapping it shut but leaving the tails out as he heads for the door. She follows him, puts a hand on his shoulder turning him towards her.

“Thanks for coming,” she says, “and for cumming.”

He smiles a broad full smile that goes all the way to his eyes, leans into her and kisses her with closed lips.

“I had a really good time,” he says, “maybe we can do this again.”

“Have a good day.” she says with a smile and a wink, “I know I will.”

She kisses him this time, the lips still closed. Opens the door for him to leave and closes it behind him. She leans against the door, closes her eyes, leans her head back and smiles.

Time to get ready for work.
Keeping Busy
Posted:Sep 5, 2008 8:03 pm
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2008 7:59 pm

This was originally written on 8/8/08 ...

Okay, I haven't posted in a while. I'm on a business trip and I've been busy.

Funny ... I don't have internet access at home and I pot more when I'm there ... when I have internet access (and bad television) I spend time browsing and chatting instead of writing. Maybe it's good that I'm heading back to Indy!

But it's been a fun week! Too hot to go out so I turn up the A/C and heat up my hotel room! I added seven to my count this week. More than one a day. YUM!

I've also been busy trying out my new toy ... a glass dildo ... it's AWESOME! Cant wait to get the one that's on back order from Adam & Eve! Several of my hook-ups have been blow-jobs only ... so I've taken care of myself with the help of B.O.B. and my new toy. I also finally got a webcam! More about that later. But I can say that I've found new ways to expand my horizons!

Oh, and what a way to start a Friday! Two visitors dropped by to deposit a load of jiz down my throat () before I went to work! And then on the way to work ... a rainbow! This evening I'm expecting another visitor for dinner, hot tubbing, massages, oral pleasures, spanking, kissing, touching, laughing, licking, and cuddling (not to mention some creative toy play, with him controling the toys!)

Mmmmmmmm ... I guess they're right about 08/08/08!
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