The weekend cabin...part 1  

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8/11/2021 8:40 pm
The weekend cabin...part 1

I invite you to a remote cabin for the weekend hoping that you will say yes as I am really wanting to spend some time with you....You are worried about the coming snow in the forecast and I promise that I will have a 4 wheel drive and we will be safe. You finally say yes and I pick you up friday after work. As i pull up you are bundled up in a long coat as it is cold outside. I come up to you and give you a big hug...holding you close to me as our lips meet for a passionate kiss. Mmmm you taste soo good. Knowing it is cold out, I say, let me get your bags and lets get in the warm car. The car is so warm it makes us both want to take off our coats for the hour long ride to the cabin. As you take off your coat I can only stare at your gorgeous sexy body because you have on a v neck sweater that really accentuates your<b> cleavage. </font></b>"Damn baby you look soo sexy. I am really looking forward to this weekend" as i lean over and kiss you again..our tongues playing with one another..i slide my hands to your face and kiss you passionately. Ok, we better get going so we can get to this place. You have a big smile on your face and I pull the car out of your driveway.

On the way to the cabin I tell you how much of a turn on you are to me and thanked you for teasing me with your sexy<b> cleavage </font></b>as you know that drives me wild. You see me fidgit in my seat and you ask if everything is ok. I tell you..oh yea, better than ok, but I just have to adjust as you are having an effect on me. My jeans are getting really tight...and you say.."ahhh.....maybe I can help out". My interest is immediately peaked and i turn looking at you. "how can you help?" i say with a sheepish give me that seductive smile and say "this is a long trip, we should start it off right" as you slide your hand to my thigh and squeeze my hard on through my pants. "OHhhhh yea..." you know what i want. You slowly unzip my pants and reach your hands inside to grab my hard dick...pullnig it out. "Ohhh are you excited to see me?" you ask. I respond, "You see what you do to sexy tease" You lean over and take your tongue to the head of my cock and I just moan...Ohhhhh yes baby...take me. This dick is yours. You take your lips and slide them down my long shaft with your tongue sliding along the way. Ohhhhh thats it....take all of me. I am still driving and you tell me "you focus on the road...and I will focus on sucking your dick like it has never been sucked before" As you say the words my dick bounces. All i can do is moan as you take me deep in your mouth. "Mmmmmm....thats it me like you know that I like to be done."

I reach around and slide my hands along your back..your neck...I squeeze your sexy ass as you suck me and of course my hand finds it way to your breast. Mmmm you know i have to squeeze you as you suck me. Pinching your hard nipples between my fingers as you continue to slide up and down my hard dick. "baby you feel soo good...i love the noises you make as you suck my dick. Take it...this dick is yours baby...Mmmmmm You are soo good to me." Your head bounces up and down on my dick as I wrap your lips tightly around me and slide up and down. Damn you know how to suck this dick good. Ohhhh shit yes baby.....your going to make me cum for you. Mmm You are my slut tonight...

Knowing this is exactly what you want you suck harder. Are you going to let me spray my hot cum all over your gorgeous titties baby?? or are you going to save that for later? "You will get these titties all weekend long and with that you pull up and then slide your sweater up showing me your gorgeous big tits..."OOHhhhhh damn baby..don't tease me like that when I am driving....I want you so bad." You tell me that in due time I will get to suck on "My tits". Mmmm yes baby..they are mine..all mine this weekend. i will lick you from head to toe...and then some. For now though you lean back over and focus again on my hard dick..slurpnig up and down on my dick. Telling me to give you all my hot cum "Cum for me baby....give me all your hot cum...let me swallow every drop." with that I yell out "Oh shit yes baby...any second now. Mmmm " you suck me in anticipation for the coming load...."Give it to me baby" as i tell you to "Suck this know what I want..." With that i yell out, here i cum baby...OHHHhhhhhhh yes..." load after of load of hot cum shoot out into your mouth." OHhhhhh yes you say....give it to me. "Take it baby.;.....milk this dick" swallow the first load and feel the cum continue to pulsate out. MMmmmmmmm damn that felt sooo good you lick my dick clean. You tell me that is just a hint of what is to come this weekend. Mmmmmmm Good baby....I want all of you..

After that we are both relaxed and continue the ride to the we pull up you notice how secluded the cabin is and how nice it is. "Damn baby, this is really nice...." As i open the door you notice the big fireplace. Let me get the fire started and give you a chance to change into something more comfortable. With that I hold you close to me...kiss you deeply and tell you that I have a surprise for you....outside, they just installed a new hotub and I am dying to "break it in properly" You have a big smile on your face.

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