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A bad day and dinner5/22/2021  0  
So many can talk a good game.....until the5/22/2021  0  
Sexy "Thursday Thrills", And Guess What?! (Plus My New Pics)5/20/2021  24  
Wednesday...It's hump day people...5/19/2021  3  
How it used to be.5/18/2021  0  
A Break From Innocence - Part One5/18/2021  3  
A Break From Innocence5/18/2021  0  
Tim and Abbie 59: Finishing off the weekends for the rest in attendance Friday night5/17/2021  0  
My wish...5/17/2021  1  
A Chance Meeting at the Mall5/15/2021  0  
I like Banana's....5/15/2021  7  
****Fun Friday Bonus Trivia ****5/14/2021  12  
Got my shopping done.....5/14/2021  4  
...In Which Ginger Pops Up To Say Hello5/11/2021  9  
Quote Of The Day: 5-7-215/7/2021  4  
Out of the blue.....4/30/2021  4  
**** BONUS Question Of The Day ****4/29/2021  35  
No work today.....4/29/2021  4  
Young man finds a married woman...4/26/2021  0  
A Little of This, A Little of That, and A Little of the Other Thing4/23/2021  6  
Food4/23/2021  6  
Food Shopping Thursday!4/22/2021  8  
HOLD YOUR HORSES....4/18/2021  0  
Cuckold fun4/18/2021  1  
Only in Walmart4/18/2021  14  
Rubber nuns on Sunday4/18/2021  2  
My Training and Teaching on Licking ASS and Pussy4/17/2021  0  
MTF transition challenges - Princess Lea !4/16/2021  0  
Sum sum summertime!4/15/2021  3  
Sexting and wallpaper--keep the fire burning4/9/2021  1  
A new start?4/9/2021  1  
**** Fun Friday BONUS Trivia ****4/8/2021  11  
My Feminization restarts Again4/4/2021  4  
I maybe viewed more by my age4/2/2021  7  
A Snooze of a Spring Break4/2/2021  12's what's for dinner.4/2/2021  5  
Truck Fuck Fun3/31/2021  3  
Just Wondering3/31/2021  0  
How much would you pay for...3/30/2021  25  
TCB + Points closed,,,3/30/2021  15  
Hubby's Big Regret3/29/2021  4  
My Own Story3/29/2021  6  
So how did I get here...? (If you are a mature man, please read on).3/28/2021  2  
where does the secret_lade go when she's out of town?3/27/2021  13  
One Horny Rainy Day3/26/2021  0  
Rich and Classy3/26/2021  3  
Started another unit...3/24/2021  4  
Make out and Grope3/23/2021  10  
Super long rant with an actual conversation that happened.3/22/2021  2  
Not much to talk about....3/20/2021  4