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Fu*k you, fun*k me, Now that I have your attention...9/7/2021  0  
Fu*k you, the*k me...Now that I have your attention...9/7/2021  0  
Fu*I lk you, fu*k me. Now that I have your attention..9/7/2021  0  
One taste is all it took...9/7/2021  0  
Starting over coming Out at 62 New life "how was your journey guys?}9/7/2021  1  
take me part 2799/6/2021  1  
young9/5/2021  1  
Confessions of a bad mom (from another forum)9/4/2021  2  
A white slut can never forget9/2/2021  2  
Old Fuck shaves and clips gray body hair away9/2/2021  5  
Pet peeves?9/1/2021  0  
Vr movie stars?8/31/2021  3  
Pet peeves?8/31/2021  0  
Pet peeves?8/31/2021  0  
Time to update this8/30/2021  0  
My Embarrassing Story8/30/2021  0  
Fishnet Friday *Younger Woman*8/27/2021  12  
Clingfilm protection!8/27/2021  0  
Playing with People of a different generation.8/27/2021  4  
"Love to FUCK or a good woman."8/26/2021  11  
Heart shape swimming pool8/26/2021  1  
Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place8/23/2021  18  
FUCKITY FUCK8/23/2021  11  
~~~~ More Mature Teasing To Make You Moan ~~~8/23/2021  23  
Oh that is a better feeling8/23/2021  10  
Ebb and Flow Of life8/21/2021  2  
Weird Vibe at Physio8/21/2021  4  
Check Your Skin8/20/2021  14  
I love older men 50 + and up8/19/2021  13  
About my bodybuilding experience8/18/2021  0  
To milf or not to milf.....8/18/2021  1  
First Blog - Losing My Virginity, Expirementing, and where I'm at now.8/17/2021  1  
Teach a Young Man Sex?8/17/2021  9  
High School Romance8/16/2021  2  
THE VIRUS: A Topic Many Will Find Interesting (and Concerning)8/15/2021  5  
Societal Backwardness?8/15/2021  7  
Episode XI: Strange Sex8/14/2021  12  
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