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"White horses on carousels and quicksand Am I one of you or one of them Can't find my way again..."10/17/2020  4  
36 Questions for You...10/16/2020  3  
36 Questions for You...10/16/2020  0  
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"All along, a fever Hot headed believer Not a life worth living Just something you take, it's given"9/5/2020  5  
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Unrestrained Passion8/17/2020  4  
"U are my Day 1 Day 0, I was no one Hour by hour, minute by minute Mad love for u and u know it"8/15/2020  7  
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Romance my damn self :)8/13/2020  16  
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I was listening to the radio8/7/2020  0  
I was listening to the radio8/7/2020  0