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I'm craving cock...6/21/2005  11  
Men are dogs!6/20/2005  3  
Details Per Request6/20/2005  2  
Women help me, would you enjoy this?6/20/2005  4  
Some penis tickle your fancy!6/19/2005  1  
Fantasies do cum true!6/19/2005  5  
true love6/18/2005  7  
Well heres my thoughts...6/17/2005  6  
Got to experience something...and enjoyed it...6/16/2005  5  
Men!!6/16/2005  3  
jacuzzi suite, the net day6/16/2005  0  
Not looking for love...just good sex6/15/2005  19  
Dear Employer6/15/2005  5  
Fun Fun Fun6/14/2005  0  
Licking Pussy! Conclusion to: Slow Dance To A Passionate FUCK!6/14/2005  8  
suggestions?6/14/2005  19  
Teased by a Stranger..........6/14/2005  2  
Sweaty Sex -- YUCK!6/13/2005  9  
Love sucks.6/13/2005  2  
Mr Green6/11/2005  1  
Hey Expat and Keith have you been talking to my man??6/11/2005  7  
Conversation Snipit6/10/2005  1  
Michael Hutchence Gives Me Naughty Thoughts....6/10/2005  3  
The Great Dane6/9/2005  1  
My Ramblings6/8/2005  2  
Fuck me HARD!!!!6/8/2005  6  
CUM BACK FOR MORE6/8/2005  6  
Ok she backed out!!!6/8/2005  0  
This girl once asked me about my first time.6/7/2005  1  
Watching another man, fucking my Lady?6/7/2005  3  
what a weekend6/6/2005  1  
so hot!6/5/2005  0  
~~THE GOODBYE~~6/5/2005  0  
What is so Sexy about Washing Dishes?6/3/2005  0  
Back at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!16/3/2005  0  
MY NAUGHTY ESCAPADE...6/1/2005  12  
Fucking Broccoli6/1/2005  6  
Bubble 1.5/31/2005  0  
Like Towelie says......"I Have No Idea What's Going On".........5/31/2005  4  
AWAKENING NYMPHO5/31/2005  9  
The best fuck this weekend5/31/2005  1  
Fantasies5/30/2005  1  
Oh My God, what a night!!!5/29/2005  11  
Myth: People who have casual sex are selfish sluts.5/26/2005  6  
Freezing my butt off5/24/2005  4  
steeda blog5/24/2005  0  
Before I post more blogs.. lets put on a condom.5/23/2005  4  
Retarded Spaniels5/22/2005  4  
Retarded Spaniels5/22/2005  1