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Living in a Whore house! Part I8/24/2018  0  
Wednesday8/22/2018  9  
"She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene I said, don't mind, but what do you mean..."8/12/2018  1  
Tell Folks How You Fell In Love A Poem8/11/2018  4  
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Experiences in India: my AFFair shared..8/3/2018  0  
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hey i don't have any chats left sorry!7/21/2018  0  
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Last night's orgasmic episode7/16/2018  0  
Where the demons hide....7/11/2018  9  
I know, I know...7/10/2018  0  
Scammers - Gotta love 'em!!7/9/2018  2  
Hmm7/5/2018  10  
Meeting and Getting Stood Up6/23/2018  1  
Tuesday6/19/2018  0  
The Pizza Man6/13/2018  1  
"eYe have"6/11/2018  1  
Another Miserable Episode. A Poem6/10/2018  1  
Backdoor in the Backwoods!6/5/2018  0  
Ever have a date turn from great to awful?6/2/2018  25  
Gloryhole5/29/2018  1  
Luck of the draw!5/27/2018  0  
"When you go, all I know is you're my favorite mistake..." do you wanna be...5/27/2018  3  
Carpenter's helper Pt. 35/26/2018  2  
Fifteen miles to the, Love Sac, Love Sac yeah5/23/2018  8  
Does anyone have fun on here5/21/2018  1  
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Luck Of The Draw?5/9/2018  6  
Morning Thoughts. A Poem5/9/2018  6  
A quickie...again5/7/2018  0  
My second MILF4/30/2018  0  
The Forest For The Trees4/23/2018  2  
Date Night4/23/2018  2  
my baby doll4/17/2018  2  
++ It could have happened today!4/15/2018  8  
Story time 54/9/2018  0  
when a bad law exists4/8/2018  13  
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Dear PC World4/4/2018  0  
Blunt Force Propahanda #31-#714/4/2018  0  
Wild Child - #39 what lies beneath3/31/2018  5  
Blunt Force Propaganda #11-#303/28/2018  0  
"She carries ‘round the moon on her lips... She knows it's nothing more than a kiss..."3/20/2018  3  
Miss Bonnie's Birthday3/20/2018  0  
Practice Makes Perfect3/20/2018  0  
If you were a planet would you join the Federation ?3/18/2018  5  
Take 2 - A House In Time Saves Mine3/13/2018  0