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Please come give me a big cock8/30/2020  0  
Flight 4908/30/2020  1  
My Fake Tramp Stamps8/29/2020  5  
the virgin8/28/2020  1  
My Neck, My Back (Lick It) by Khia8/27/2020  4  
I guess this is part 1.8/27/2020  4  
KUDOS TO FriendFinder-x AND THOSE BEHIND THE SCENES8/25/2020  11  
Tired of fakes, phony’s and those that do not read my profile.8/24/2020  0  
Master Daddy Spanking Meeting8/24/2020  1  
My Twisted Wet Dream Man On Man8/23/2020  0  
Navy Man On Leave Round 2 M4M Part 28/21/2020  0  
Seriously this I one heavy tied8/21/2020  0  
Navy Man On Man On Leave Part 18/20/2020  0  
A sad history with a happy vignette8/19/2020  1  
True Story - Friendly Nieghbour8/17/2020  0  
Fem by Mistress, my wife8/16/2020  1  
That's Just Rich8/15/2020  27  
I never dreamed it would be so hard to find a lady or couple8/15/2020  0  
When The Door Is Open, Won't You Be My Neighbor, and Come Inside?8/14/2020  3  
Diving In8/13/2020  5  
Real Things That Happened Some Are Twisted - First Sex8/13/2020  0  
Fantasy.8/12/2020  0  
Fantasy.8/12/2020  0  
Bathtime with Raquelle8/11/2020  2  
how crazy8/8/2020  11  
Submissive sluts8/7/2020  1  
Someone called me a dick hungry bitch. Well...she’s not entirely wrong.....8/5/2020  14  
Lesbian Sex8/2/2020  0  
OMG...your mouth Erotic Story7/31/2020  11  
The Devil Went Down To Georgia by Charlie Daniels7/31/2020  5  
Origin of a smoking fetish7/31/2020  3  
Fucked in my Office (fiction)7/30/2020  5  
Mistress – Six7/30/2020  0  
Summary7/30/2020  0  
AOC7/28/2020  5  
Little Dick7/26/2020  0  
Kimberly's Cock in the Park Fantasy!7/26/2020  17  
Cheating Bitch7/25/2020  3  
Another rant. Haven't done these in awhile :P7/25/2020  14  
Ladies Nite7/23/2020  1  
Another erotic text to the Master7/21/2020  4  
Erotic text for Master7/21/2020  5  
The Best You Never Had7/21/2020  3  
Our Advice for Single Guys (I read this at another site and felt that it was good advice)7/20/2020  0  
Coming Out - Phase 1 - paper or plastic7/19/2020  3  
A letter to bi-friendly cucks7/19/2020  1  
My first time with a man7/18/2020  9  
Excited sissy hole7/17/2020  0  
Its me7/17/2020  0