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The Power Outage in Manhattan7/15/2019  4  
Time to Play with My Toys Again roll on September 20197/13/2019  0  
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The Rodeo – Friday Night7/4/2019  2  
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Tipps für den perfekten Blowjob7/2/2019  0  
My Date with The Devil7/1/2019  2  
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Bi curious thoughts and wanting to try out6/4/2019  5  
Help me help you fulfill my most intense fantasy!5/31/2019  0  
Help me help you fulfill my most intense fantasy!5/31/2019  0  
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“What A Masterpiece Deserves” Written by: YeffocD5/25/2019  0  
Created this blog in the hopes others can learn more about me and hopfully communicate5/23/2019  2  
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