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You are a sexy fucker4/15/2019  3  
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Moon Tan1/26/2019  2  
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Dominant bulls will mock copulate subordinate males12/24/2018  4  
I'll take $200 for the jizz, Alex12/18/2018  9  
Hm, interesting (and slightly creepy)12/18/2018  18  
**** Top Naughty Christmas Songs ****12/16/2018  19  
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Life12/9/2018  12  
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I.....didn't know I do that :P A Sexual Frustration post.12/4/2018  9  
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Buenos Aires12/3/2018  15  
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Bots, Scams, gross people, and ball kickers.11/11/2018  9  
Do we have a possible serial killer here ?11/11/2018  8  
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