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A Prefix to Me9/28/2021  7  
And it continues9/28/2021  8  
Dancing With No Care9/26/2021  5  
Include or Exclude9/26/2021  5  
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Labor Day Weekend At Pandora's Forest9/23/2021  5  
Sex Facts and Myths9/22/2021  14  
No Care , No Need,9/22/2021  13  
It Needed to Be Said9/21/2021  7  
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Crazy Fact9/16/2021  1  
The True Value of Honesty9/10/2021  5  
The Gross Reason Why You Shouldn't Sleep Naked, According to a Viral TikTok Doc9/9/2021  11  
Local bisexual/lesbian woman needed to help with gyno exams9/8/2021  0  
**** Some Football Funnies ****9/7/2021  17  
Don't call a cock a penis.9/6/2021  0  
Do your due diligence, but have fun9/4/2021  0  
Be discreet and safe9/3/2021  0  
Be discreet9/3/2021  0  
Visiting A friend In Maryland9/2/2021  0  
Aug2021 Update on MsVenus9/2/2021  1  
Yes, I am selective. I'm in no rush.8/28/2021  0  
Strange8/28/2021  8  
A trip to the Doctor8/27/2021  0  
A trip to the Doctor8/27/2021  0  
A trip to the Doctor8/27/2021  0  
A trip to the Doctor8/27/2021  0  
It Finally Happened I meet the perfect man8/22/2021  0  
Lucky in health8/22/2021  2  
BDSM Medical Exam...Apt#5!8/21/2021  7  
Don't take it apart if you can't hold on to the parts afterwards....8/20/2021  6  
THE VIRUS: A Topic Many Will Find Interesting (and Concerning)8/15/2021  5  
Are There Different Types of Orgasms? What Sex Experts Say8/15/2021  0  
Summer to forget8/13/2021  5  
take me part 2218/13/2021  2  
Why things have been so screwy for us, and why we have had a hard time meeting.8/10/2021  3  
Future8/9/2021  2  
**** CBD's Are So Helpful ****8/8/2021  23  
Just came back to adultfinders8/6/2021  2  
Check your Nuts7/26/2021  0  
as felicia world turns so do the days of our lives7/18/2021  0  
Step by Step7/17/2021  0  
GOP promoting no vaccination for Covid 197/14/2021  8  
Covid Vaccines & Conspiracy Theories - Food For The Obtuse7/13/2021  14  
Sealed with a kiss7/12/2021  1  
Fantasy vs. Reality7/8/2021  8  
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It was a Tuesday7/4/2021  9  
I didn't want to know that7/3/2021  19