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I thought I knew you so well8/27/2013  8  
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Think Fast, 8.21.138/21/2013  2  
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True Blood update, the one where Alcide is cool again8/10/2013  1  
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Music quiz - They wrote the songs6/30/2013  7  
Pride goes before a what?6/27/2013  2  
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Street fests and hat tricks6/9/2013  3  
Does Size Really Matter6/2/2013  15  
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Myths about introverts5/20/2013  0  
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Dublin Part 2 - A bit of History and Culture5/10/2013  8  
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Fucking and Writing5/5/2013  12  
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Douchebag of the week: Chad Leslie Peters4/26/2013  11  
PEARLS: On Dark Towers, Gunslingers, and Judging a Book by it's Cover4/21/2013  20  
The World As We're Beginning To See It4/15/2013  3  
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On Guys Giving and Receiving Rejections on the Sexual Animal Farm3/18/2013  2  
JUSTIFIED is A Bitch3/9/2013  0  
Every Step You Take: Why I Would Watch YOU In Blogland3/8/2013  4  
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Batman, Zorro, The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet2/26/2013  5  
Chemistry of love2/15/2013  0  
Strange Phenomenon2/8/2013  4