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Love teasing in the morning1/18/2022  0  
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The Way It is1/15/2022  1  
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Signs to help identify swingers...Not sure I agree to some of them1/15/2022  0  
First time in a girdle1/14/2022  0  
First time in a girdle1/14/2022  0  
G, the Red Dress and the red 911 Chapter One1/14/2022  1  
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When the cheater gets cheated1/14/2022  2  
Mr. Smith1/13/2022  4  
shopping day1/13/2022  4  
Alley sex with a stranger ... (a tribute to a lovely couple)1/13/2022  0  
A Fum Meeting Part 31/12/2022  3  
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Best Years Now1/9/2022  0  
take me...beginning 11-20. I started at 81 on the blog. enjoy even though it needs editing.1/9/2022  4  
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A Fun Meeting Part 11/8/2022  2  
FUCK ME1/8/2022  0